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This page contains letters from some of the families who have brought a Day Boston terrier puppy into their lives. We take a great pride in knowing that only the best  families are now awesome new parents of our wonderful puppies. We have taken the time to know each family in hopes that every puppy we bring into the world will have the  best home possible for life. We want to send a warm thanks to those who have taken the time to send us a letters. We think about each  and every puppy, each hand that touches them, each kiss that those amazing little muzzles give and every ounce of happiness that they bring.. The letters  below are just a few examples of the success we are having in our dedication to  bring other great people awesome, healthy, intelligent Boston terriers. This is what makes it possible for us  to continue raising the wonderful fur people, and the knowing that they are adored and loved from their new families as much we love them.  Please be sure to take a look at our puppy album to see pics of these wonderful puppies.


We have started adding the pics that match the letters below, but please understand that most of the previous pics are located in our family albums.  We hope you enjoy the letters and pictures as much as we do.


Just wanted to update you on Uncle Bob (Joey/Lucy) who is turning 5 on Cinco de Mayo and Murphy (Elvis/Corvina) who turned 1 yr on March 5, 2010. Murphy gets lots of extra attention from people walking by about his one beautiful blue eye, but Uncle Bob is the one to grab all the attention by his extra outgoing personality and buff body! They are doing great and love each other! They have been healthy with no problems whatsoever which is awesome. Our vet just loves them too! Here is a pic of the two of them- they hang out on the sofa all day waiting for me to come home from work, even when my husband Kevin is home with them. They are the best, and just wanted to let you know. Also, they eat a totally raw diet from Excel K9 which keeps them both in tip top shape. :-))

Susan Hutson-O'Leary

Uncle Bob and Murphy


I just wanted to THANK YOU for the beautiful puppy we took home just before Christmas 2009. He is everything I wanted in a Boston....super sweet, calm, bursts of energy, and so much fun. He loves everyone and thinks he is as big as any dog we meet. He has no concept of his size. I can't tell you how pleased I am with his personality and disposition. I don't know if you remember that I had visited another breeder with show quality dogs prior to visiting you. Those dogs didn't stop barking and my kids had their hands over their ears the entire visit. They literally asked not to have a puppy. When we visited you I was so struck by how calm and friendly all the dogs were. I love that I was able to meet Bo's mom and grandma! You were so right....he is perfect for young kids....my four and five year old can't get enough of him and he is so good to them. They love to run with him but he is just as good at cuddling on the couch! Alice's line is absolutely brilliant!!!

Thank you also for just being a great person. You have always been so open to talking with us about all puppy related issues. I love that your dogs are raised to be just plain awesome! It felt like you hand picked the puppy that was perfect for us!

I have become such a huge Boston Terrier fan through Bo. He is almost 7 months old and has stolen our hearts. I can't imagine a better dog for our young family!

Take care and thank you for everything!




To anyone interested in Boston Terriers, Look no further. You literally have to go to the top of the mountain
for these little angels but when you get there, You will know you have arrived. We searched long and hard
for many months and came across Day Boston Terriers. More specifically DBT. A very kind and nurturing
woman who really knows her Boston's. As you can see by the pictures we have some pretty good looking Pups.
Super healthy and with amazing personalities. We went to pick up just one puppy and well you know.
Watching them run and play together is like a breath of fresh air. You can't help but forget your troubles
and just smile from ear to ear with pure innocence. These two have really been a joy in our lives and in
such challenging times we all need a little piece of joy to hold onto to. (In this case 2 Pieces.)

We would recommend DBT and Day Boston Terriers to anyone looking to bring this breed of sunshine
into their lives. DBT's ability to breed such superior Boston's is absolutely Genies and we hope
that if a Boston is what you are after then you will make the drive to the top of the mountain where the
angels live.


Dante Cernobori and Joanne Warren



I'm not sure if Jenna has emailed you anything about Gilbert yet. Things have been amazing so far. The little guy slept almost the whole way home. We stopped to let him eat and drink. He even used his puppy mat to poop on the way home :). He has an AMAZING attitude and Courage beyond recognition! He has been doing very well using puppy pee mats and is getting better each day. He sleeps through the night pretty much. We get up every few hours to let him go potty and to get a drink. He always has kisses for us and (when awake) is always down to wrestle and rough house. I'm sure Jenna will email you soon with her perspective, but so far he has been PERFECT. I could not be happier. A lot of people warned me to stay away from breeders, but I was SO excited to see how personal you were with the puppies and how much you cared for the dogs. It was immediately apparent that you love the breed and our dog. Thank you for everything! ( Pebble's recent Litter)

Patty Heyboer


DBT, I totally understand!  I read up about them over the weekend.  I can only imagine the challenges.  Cosmo is absolutely the sweetest thing I've ever seen.  I really gravitated toward him when you wrote that his nose was longer.  You know how spoiled Lee and I are with Zoey & Zeke having longer noses.  They have no problems going to the park and running like crazy, or long walks over 1.5 miles.  I still watch closely, and Zeke, being heavier, gets tired sooner than Zoey, but overall, we know we're lucky with them having longer noses.  Zeke sleeps right next to my head, and with the exception of an occasional grunt, he doesn't snore at all.  Zoey's under the covers near my legs (until later in the night, when she sticks her head out near my feet).

Oh the absolute joy and wonder of having my kids.  When I read about Frenchies, I did see alot that they like to have their people around them and tend to pick out one person.  I was going to tell Lee about Cosmo, but then when I read that, I thought, "Oh my baby boy, Zeke .... he's such a mama's boy.  It would probably be traumatic for him to share my attention."  Zoey's so independent -- as long as I'm throwing a ball for her, she doesn't care what Zeke's doing.  She lives for her balls.
And then I saw your little Jolly girl .... how cute is she.  
Oh well... 2's enough for now.  As always and forever, we are so grateful for our precious little babies and all the good breeding, feeding, care and nurturing you put into your dogs.
Take care.


Hello DBT & DBT! I’ve wanted to write for a while, but today was a perfect day as today, our little princess Zoey is 5 years old! Lee and I have often wondered how Zoey’s other 10 brothers and sisters are doing, and whether they have the wonderful personalities and skinny, muscular form that Zoey does.

I’ve attached pictures. Look at our beautiful girl! She is our treasure! She still loves to play ball …. Lee takes a tennis racquet to the park on weekends and hits the balls and away Zoey goes. People stop and stare because she’s lightening fast! Not an ounce of fat on her – all muscle! She’s a toughie girl, too, letting Zeke know when he’s out of line. And yet, when we’re at work, she has to go lay down or bring Zeke toys when he’s in his crate.

Zeke is our handsome boy! He is the sweetest baby in the whole world. And a mama’s boy! He loves to give kisses. I can’t come home from work without him running up to mama and telling me, “Kisses, mama.” And at night, when he climbs his stairs to go to bed, he sits by daddy’s head and washes Lee’s face. And daddy loves it (this from a guy who had said no kisses when we were set to get Zoey!!!!) He doesn’t do well on his own (we tried at about 6 months old. He chewed on a coffee table.). He’s lost without some sense of direction and parameters so he stays in his crate during the day and doesn’t mind. When I leave for work, I tell him, “Time for cookies (organic chicken treats)” and Zeke runs into his crate and sits waiting for me.

Zeke is a big boy, DBT. He weighs in at 41 pounds. But he’s strong and no baby fat. Just big. We say that Zoey got the tall-tall combination with Alice and Hoover, and Zeke got the tall-wide combination with Alice and Joey. And he’s a hunter just like his daddy. We go hunting for bunnies every morning. When Zeke wakes up, he goes to the guest bedroom window and looks out for bunnies. If he sees one, he runs to mama and let’s me know, “We have to go NOW, Mom.”

We spoil them both. As a friend visiting recently said, “You’re a little over the top with how you treat your dogs.” That’s just the way it is. Walks every morning and evening, park time on weekends. Organic everything – NO preservatives. Regular baths and manicures. They both sleep with us. And plenty of bones because they love their bones! But more importantly, we constantly interact with them. Talking, kissing, touching … they are our kids! My license plate holder reads: “All my children have paws.”

We have told people about Day Boston Terriers numerous time since none of the Bostons we’ve met even come close to how beautiful and wonderfully dispositioned our babies are. And we have a number of friends who have Bostons. But Day Boston breeds the best! I’ve tried to convince Lee to get another one – there was a cutie girl recently on your site that had a partial white ear – her face and your description of her looked and sounded just like Zeke – a real love bug. But Lee says we’re perfectly matched right now – 2 of us; 2 of them. And I do agree. Plus I would worry that either
Zoey or Zeke would feel jealous, and Lee and I do just about anything necessary to ensure our babies are healthy, happy and well-adjusted.

Well, enough of all that. We hope you are doing well. Do you ever get pics from Zoey’s litter mates? A family reunion in photos would be a kick – given the large litter they came from. And how is Alice? Is she still with you? If yes, tell her that Zoey and Zeke are well taken care of and we are always grateful for her wonderful traits and genes she gave to them.

Blessings to you both,
Pam Witt & Lee St. Pierre
Zoey & Zeke





Hi DBT and DBT,

I thought you might enjoy seeing a couple pictures of our athletic Ruby playing frisbee on the beach, sleeping and running from her sister. She will be 4 years old on October 5th and I have enjoyed every minute with her!
Hope you get a laugh out of these pictures.

Julie Parker & Ruby & Grace




DBT and DBT,

I realized you would probably love to see pictures of our handsome, healthy boy, thanks to the both of you! Also I wanted to let you know that we have decided to neuter him as well. He has become a little aggressive toward other dogs, especially male dogs while on his walks and we don't want that for him, so we decided it would be best to get him fixed.
We are so very thankful for the both of you for first of all breeding such wonderful Boston's and more importantly we are so thankful for the both of you nursing him back to health for us! If it were not for your generosity in nursing him back to health we don't know what we would have done. You both gave us an amazing gift and are so thankful we have Solo in our lives!
Solo, is so special to us. He believes he is a large dog, but he loves to cuddle and give kisses! He loves playing fetch and going for walks and feels he is King wherever he goes. Toys, especially stuffed toys don't last very long, but he always keeps us going! More importantly he keeps us smiling! He has lots and lots of energy which we love and has gotten the nickname from family "hunner mile an hour".
So once again Thank you!
We look forward to buying more Boston's from the both of you in the future!

Dustin, Jessica and Solo Riker





I thought you would like to see a picture of two of your former puppies with their new little (not for long) sister. The one on the left is Rocko and he was from your Boston Terrier/French Bulldog litter  from 12/1/06 and the one in the middle is Winston from Anna's litter born on 9/11/06. The one on the right is Bella, our new Mastiff.


We just wanted to let you know how great is has been having both Winston and Rocko these past two plus years. They are both fantastic dogs. Smart, well behaved and just a ton of fun to have around. They are the best of buddies and where one goes the other one is sure to follow, the only problem we have now is both are vying for Bella's attention.


Thanks so much,

Eric and April Prince


Hi DBT and DBT,


Just a quick update on Duke (Chiquita/Freckles litter).  He just turned 3!  He is the most friendliest and loveable lapdog I have ever had.  Actually, he is more like a parrot than a lapdog because he loves to sit on top of the couch and nestle his head and neck on your shoulder while he sleeps!  Day Boston Terriers will always be our first choice when choosing another companion (hopefully Duke will live forever though). 




Melissa Q.




Hi DBT and DBT!

We just wanted to give you an update on Swirls aka Finnegan. He is absolutely delightful and amazing! He is the sweetest boy--so lovable and cuddly. We definitely see a lot of Annabelle in him, he loves his stuffed toys (even though he destroys them in about 20 minutes), he's obsessed with the Chuck It, and especially loves kisses (particularly giving them!) 

Also, we have been thinking about getting Finn a brother or sister sometime this next winter. Can you keep us updated on any possible litters from Annabelle in the near future?

We've attached a few pictures of him for you.

Thanks so much,
Meghan and Brian Orth



Katie liked the name Lilly, so we kept it and it stuck. It has been three plus years and she is doing great.  Here are some pics.  So glad you brought her to us!


Donny & Katie & Cleo & Lilly
(used to be in Santa Rosa, now in Bend, OR)


Hey DBT,

I thought you might enjoy a few pictures of our boy Diego (Jonas from Chiquita x Texas) that we got from you and Linda.  He’s getting big!  Now Chiquita’s name is more appropriate.  They are both doing very well. 

Take care.




    Here is the proof of nuetering and a few pictures of Hogan (formerly Dominoe).  My wife, daughter, and I just love having Hogan here as part of our family.  He really is a great dog, despite the awful smells he produces...haha.  You were definitely right about that.  He has grown up to be quite handsome and is currently 21 pounds.  He is also very smart...although his energy gets the best of him at times.  He is very athletic and loves to fetch toys (he has done this since he first came home), go for walks, and play with our three cats.  He is also very good with our 2-year-old daughter. 
    So we wanted to say thank you for giving us a great dog and family member.
Thanks again,
Ryan, Angela, and Riley Cramer



Hello DBT and DBT,


Happy New Year

Just an update on "Stella Luna" aka Marla from Tinkerbelle and Boyfriend Day.

Well, as you can see in the photo she is an absolute love. Thank you for your time and energy

you put in raising such awesome little spirit. She is so fun loving ,calm, gentle and zany.

She draws attention every where we go. Of course, I mention Day Boston I am so pleased

with her and my relationship with you DBT and DBT see you again in the future.



Jeff, Lisa

Brynn and Cal

Adasiewicz and Miss Stella too!

Redwood City










Please find attached Kona's (formerly Tiney Tot of Buttons' and Texas Strickland's 06/20/08 litter) spay receipt as well as a few pictures. I would've attached more (she's just so photogenic) but I don't want to flood your inbox! She's doing great and is such a blessing in my life. She loves going to the park and insists on greeting every single doggie and human there, and I always get compliments on her conformation. I work in the construction industry and am lucky enough to get to take her to work with me; it's great seeing how she can instantly melt the heart of any burly construction worker as soon they see her! She's a total snuggle bunny and loves giving kisses as much as she like getting them. She's so smart, playful, and spunky - and cute to boot! Thank you so much for not only bringing Kona into my life but also for all the work you guys do ensuring that you breed puppies not only of great health, but great temperament too. I will definitely keep in touch; I'm hoping to get Kona a little brother soon!


Best Regards,


Cheryl Bautista





I just wanted to send you a quick update on my darling, Harley!  He will be 2 years old on August 16th and is the baby of Nikki Strickland and Boyfriend Day (when I got him, his name was Ben).


Harley continues to be the most amazing, fabulous, smart, incredible dog in the world.  He's known by our family and friends as Harley the Wonder Dog - because he's just that great.  His gentle temperament, sweet disposition and good behavior have my friends convinced that we hired a professional dog trainer for him.  Nope!!  That's just the way he is... he's just perfect.


Here's a few pictures of him - handsome as ever.  We love him so much!




The Parmer's

Mike, Melanie, Ryan, Katelyn and Harley



Hi Sara and DBT,

Here are a few pictures of Kobe (a.k.a Marcus of Roxy and Elvis, born on May 13th 08).

I just mailed you his neuter papers. Thank you soo much for doing such a good job with these dogs, every Day Boston Terrier I know is a perfect dog, awesome personality, healty and great looking.. Kobe is a love-a-bug,  We go to the park every day with 2 other DBT Mojo and Rupert from Corvina litter.

Again, Thank you.

Do you think you could e-mail me the pics of Kobe in the first 2months??? just if you still have them.

Meiga and David Alexander


Today is Dodge's first birthday... he is a great boy, sweet as can be, athletic, bold, ready to try anything, our constant companion... he wakes up with a smile everyday!  He has started his agility training.  Thought you would enjoy seeing the boy that puppy Eagle became.   Lysa Olsen Keeper



It's Kathryn Green here!  My boyfriend and I adopted "Zoe" in the spring of this year!  We have named her Lilly and she is absolutely amazing!  She is so cuddly and loves to sleep under the covers with her head on the pillow.  She loves her tummy rubbed in the morning and cant get enough of all our toys.  She is absolutely beautiful and has an awesome personality.  All the other boston terriers we meet are no where near as cute as her and her personality is so much better than the others we meet.  Must be all the great genes you breed!  We are looking to get another puppy in the next year or so and would love to get another one from you guys if you are still up and running then!  We will definitely keep in touch!  I'm attaching some pictures so you can see our little girl...she is about 7 months now!


Take Care,


Kathryn, Tim and Lilly



Hi DBT and DBT-
I was just on your website reading all the wonderful testimonials and after reading one, remembered that you wanted pictures and shot information after some months. I completely forgot about this. Is it too late? Do you send papers that are related to the birth?

Dirk and I took home Gabby last October--she was initially named Penny and was born to Kirbee Day and Gabe on 8.4.07. I saw her sibling on the site, which was really cool.

She is doing really well, completely healthy and just an amazing, adorable dog.
Let me know what I should do.

Frances Karandy


Hello All,


Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that DUKE, the son of Buttons and Texas, is doing


GREAT!     His name is now Bogart, or Bogie for short.   He is brilliant, well trained already,


affectionate, friendly, funny and all good things.   He is the joy of our life!


Thank you!   Thank you!


Question:   We can't find pictures of Buttons or Texas on your website.   Any chance you could

send us pictures of those two?


We'll send you pic's of Bogart as soon as I figure out how to.




Hope all is well in doggie world


Bonny and Danny Sampson


Hello Chief here, Just wanted to drop in and say hi. I'm doing well and can't wait for a new brother or sister. My mom says I have to wait till we get some more room so I'll be patient. I have so much fun with my teething keys even though I'm not teething anymore. I know I know , I'm almost going to be 4 but everywhere my mom takes me they think I'm a puppy so why not just go with it right? Well I hope my first mom Alice is doing well please say hello for me and know I have one of the best homes I could have ever gotten .They really treat me like royalty around here and I just love it. I'll write more soon but my keys are calling me.   




Hi DBT and DBT,


Well it will be 4 years come January we brought Miles/FKA Clifford home. The boy of Molly and Hoover. Current pictures of Miles are attached.


Miles is an active lovey boy. He loves fetching his ball bringing it back to us and going after it again. That's his favorite game to play. He is such a wonderful part of our family. He is such a baby and loves being right next to us.  Our 5 year old daughter calls him her baby and boy boy!  Those two really have a special bond.


Not only does he have a wonderful disposition and is a very smart, loyal, and a loving baby...he has been SO HEALTHY! He will be 4 December 7th and we have not had any illness or problems with him. Thank you!


We are looking forward to adding another wonderful puppy to our family in the future.

Thanks again.

Rebekah Nuckolls



It is about time we gave you a status update on Dylan (kennel name was Billy - from Molley Strickland and Freckles).  We have had a wonderful experience with Dylan.  The first few weeks were a challenge as Dylan adjusted to the sleeping arrangements and learned where the back yard is.  Next came the stairs.  Going up wasn’t too difficult, going down led to fun times.  Now he is big enough to jump up on the couch which has opened up a whole new world for him.  If someone is on the couch, so is Dylan.  There was also a period of adjustment while Floyd (kennel name was Princess Sophia) and Dylan learned each other’s boundaries, but now they are quite entertaining when they wrestle.  Dylan is now larger than Floyd (approx. 22 pounds) and still growing.  He is curious, almost to a dangerous extent, and loves to get rough.

I’ve attached some pictures we took while Dylan grew.  I still remember him as a puppy that fit in one hand and I’m amazed at how fast he has grown (and at how much food he eats).

Also attached is the receipt from when he was neutered.

Thanks for a great experience with our first puppy!

Jeremy, Kelly, and Floyd (Princess Sophia).


Hi DBT and DBT...

Hope all is well!  I thought you might get a kick out of this picture so I wanted to send it. 

The picture is of Sox (taken yesterday), formerly known as Fischer born to Annabelle and Brave on Sept. 11, 2006. 

It was his second bday yesterday so we celebrated ;-).  BTW, he is doing very well, very spoiled, quite the love bug and a very big boy!


Kelly and Bryan Greer



This is Mimi and Brian, who bought 'Juno' back in May. We just wanted to let you know how unbelievably grateful we are to have him in our lives. We named him Murphy, and he is the best thing that has ever happened to us. He is a quick learner, and picked up on the potty training with ease. He seems to love everyone he meets, kids, adults other dogs. He never barks, and is very generous with the kisses. Here are a few pictures of Murphy. Again, Thank you so much, and keep up the great work of raising such amazing dogs.

-Mimi and Brian

-Juno is Lucy and Bambam's puppy-


Dear DBT & DBT,


As I write this, Lee is getting the kids ready for bed.  They have been out for their evening "relief", then put into our big king-size bed.  We bring them their last final treat for the evening -- freeze-dried liver treats.  Then, as a final courtesy, a bowl of fresh water for the last sip of the evening.  Zeke will position himself next to Lee when he gets into bed and proceed to wash his face, ears, and neck.  This is an evening ritual.  Zoey will crawl up under the covers next to my legs.


Tomorrow they will wake up, have breakfast with Nutro Max, sprinkled with cooked chicken pieces.  Then they'll go for a mile walk with Mama (after giving Daddy kisses good bye), come back and have some play time before Mama has to go to work.  Before Mama leaves, Zeke will willing go into his crate and wait for his "nap time treats"  Zoey will grab a tennis ball, hoping Mama will play with her for just a few more throws.  Then they'll each get half a natural food stick (with veggies, chicken and minerals and vitamins) and Mama will give them kisses, tell them she loves them and will be back soon.  The message Mama gives them every morning during work weeks is always the same.  The love they give and receive is constant.


Lee and I fully realize this is not the case for many dogs.  I feel compelled to write this and hope that you post it on your Web site.  September 20th is National Puppy Mill Awareness Day.  I will be baking natural dog biscuits and selling them with a friend at an art gallery in Bernalillo, New Mexico whose world-famous artist loves dogs and supports the Animal Humane Association of New Mexico.  I feel convicted to do something that day because recently I read a book called A Reason To Love, which chronicles the horrors that go on in puppy mills across the country.  The author, Jana Kohl (of Kohl Department Store family) rescued a female used in puppy mill breeding just days before she was to be killed.  The abuse she encountered for 8 years of her life left her bones so brittle, that jumping off a sofa resulted, after 3 attempts at vets healing her, with her front leg amputated.  Jana and Baby now tour the country, visit Congress members and plead and implore city and state governments to take action against puppy mill breeders whose only concern is to make a buck.


Somewhere, as you're reading this, a little Boston Terrier cowers in the corner of a dirty, filthy cage.  No one comes to pick him up.  No one nuzzles his face and gives (and receives) his kisses.  His mama is thin and tired, from being overbred.  The water in the cage bowl (if any) is loaded with feces.  The food bowl is covered with bugs.  The stench is unbelievable.  The crimes against canines are committed behind crudely constructed buildings with poor circulation.  The Web sites depict sweet happy faces, but nothing could be farther than the truth.  Precious little Bostons, born in these conditions, then ripped from their mothers at 3 - 4 weeks of age to be shipped off in mass to pet stores.


DBT, we thank God every day that we found you and Day Boston Terriers.  We have such wonderful, beautiful, healthy, well-dispositioned Bostons.  Zoey & Zeke are so precious to us, I cannot even begin to express the love Lee and I feel for them.  We constantly get compliments from people in the park, in our neighborhood.  Every one knows us .. well, they know Zoey &  Zeke ... and just looking at them brings smiles to people's faces.  Family members laugh at the attention, time and devotion we give to Zoey & Zeke, but we will be the first to acknowledge we are certifiably nuts about our Bostons. 


We want you, and others who visit your site, to know that your efforts to breed health, happy, well-adjusted dogs are not for naught.  They are admirable and should be copied by other so-called breeders around the country.  The standards you set are not too high.  The price paid when there are no standards by breeders is too gruesome and great.  Too many people don't care about the dogs and treat them as mass production breeding machines.  Too many pet stores sell Boston Terriers for twice what you charge, and the health and hurdles these puppies must overcome is tremendous.


We celebrate your diligence in excellent breeding.  We applaud the hours of care, attention and love you give to your breeding females and males, and the sweet, precious Boston babies they produce.  We plead with every single person who might visit your site, who is considering a Boston, to do the research carefully and not purchase one from a pet store.  This only perpetuates the puppy mill factories and the atrocities committed there every day.


I'll keep baking and selling dog biscuits to help support the organizations that shelter abused dogs and diligenty fight to close down puppy mills.  I hope more people will do the same.  And we will keep singing your praises and recommending people to your kennel for as long as you are in business.


For the love of dogs (and Bostons),

Pam, Lee, Zoey & Zeke

Rio Rancho, NM


Hi DBT and DBT,

I wanted to let you know that Rico (Tonto) from Tink and Elvis's litter was neutered on Friday and is doing great. The vet says he was a great patient and seems to be well recovered. He weighs 21 pounds now at only 6 months old! He is so big and strong.

ChaCha (Carly) from Annabelle and Presley's litter is doing great as well. At four months old she is about 11 pounds. She gets along great with Rico and they have a blast together taking long walks and getting plenty of exercise playing in our yard and pool. They are doing well with basic training too. Rico knows, sit, stay, come, look, wait, shake, high five, leave it, quit, go potty and we are working on "roll-over". Cha Cha is learning well too. They walk well on the leash and are great with people. They want to say "hi" to everyone they meet.

I want to thank you both for working so hard  to help bring such great dogs into the world. These two are just the best. This has been a very challenging time for us as a family as our son is very ill. To have two such lovable and sweet natured puppies in our home has really brought sunshine into our lives. Every day I am thankful to have them here. They seem pretty happy too!

I hope things are going well with you all and that DBT is feeling better. I am attaching some pictures of the pups and I am snail mailing you a copy of the invoice for the neutering so you can send us the final paperwork.

I'll let you know about Cha Cha's spaying in a couple of months.

Thanks again.

Jeannette Le Chevallier 

PS Cha Cha's ears are standing up now!





Attached are recent pictures of Chloe! She's having a great summer, running around in our backyard, chasing flies, and eating whatever she can find.  At night she always cuddles on the couch with us and then sleeps in between us under the covers.  We're really enjoying her!!


Hope you are having a great summer!


Best, Natalie and Eric





At last, attached are pics of Dottie!!! (aka Rose from TInk's/Presley's litter 2/11/08). We took these last night. It was very challenging because she was so curious about the camera and of course the flash didn't help. They really don't do her justice, she's actually even cuter! I'll have to take some pics outside during the day and send those along.


She can be a little devil, but we love her to pieces. 99% of the time she is a real sweetie and she's super smart. She was afraid at puppy play the first time, now she runs the show. She was fixed and we had her dewclaws removed on July 3rd (I mailed you the documentation last week). On July 3rd, she weighed in between 12 - 13 pounds (she wouldn't hold still on the scale, she's so wiggly!).We're still working on our training and she still has the occassional accident in the house, but as I mentioned we're inclosing the patio area, so she'll have more room to play and do her business. We should be done with the fence this weekend. I think this will resolve our accidents. She thinks she can just get up from a sit or a down or walk away from a stay whenever she feels like it, so mom needs more training than Dottie.She also makes the cutest snorting noises and snores like a trucker. I can't take her for a walk without at least 2-3 people stopping to pet her because she's so cute, I try to get her to sit in order to get petted, but she'll only sit of a second and then she freaks out with excitement and pees!


Thanks for all your help and I'll send more pics down the road soon. Anxious to see updates on the rest of her siblings.






Hi DBT and DBT,

Here is an updated picture of Toby and Sophie at almost 6 months old.


Once I have a chance, I will send a "family" photo with a full doggy update... so you can post on your website as with other letters and photos of dogs.


We nicknamed them "Toto" and "Fifi" for which fits their very different but wonderful personalities.  Toby is very smart and still looks straight into your eyes and is always following us around and concerned about what we do.  Sophie on the other hand is a little spitfire that does her own thing and antagonizes Toby... but is very sweet too!  Both of their markings are beautiful... and personalities are exactly what we wanted and they compliment each other...as well as they go everywhere together...inseparable!


Ciao and hope all is well?

Dan and Courtney



Here are a couple pics of Wilbur (Wilbur from Pebbles litter Feb 13th) and Mazie (Dottie from Nikki's litter April 4th).  Wilbur is very smart and curious.  He loves to explore the world and meet new people.  Mazie is very cuddly and kissy.  She likes to play hide and seek under the beds and couches and loves to follow Wilbur wherever he goes. 
We hope you guys are having a nice summer.
Robin and Peg



Hello, I am sending all papers from our Vet. with regards to Mickey(D.O.B.11/16/07)
He has just been Neutered this past Friday and the confirmation and all services on
record will be forthcoming. I assume the proper Microchip Number for Mickey is;
934 C3D 2907 and his Limited Registration Papers will be sent by snail or email.
He is a very loving guy and although he snores like a teamster with sinus problems
he is welcome to sleep with either of us as his whim dictates. He is healthy and
wants to play non stop. He is busy training us and will soon have us under his control completely.
I am enclosing some pictures of Mickey from puppy to 5 months.
Thank you again for breeding such a wonderful housemate,
Ray Etzler and Gary Rashid.




Greetings from Texas!  I hope you are doing well.  It has been a long time since I have contacted you but I wanted to let you know how well Taz is doing. Taz ("Petey" born on July 11, 2006 from Reba and Brave) is doing wonderfully. He is an amazing, smart dog and full of energy! He definitely lives up to his name.  He has become another member of the family, even sleeping with us at night. Sometimes we all argue over whose bed he is going to sleep in because he loves to snuggle!  Thanks so much for an incredible dog.


Alison Ashbury and Family


P.S. I also wanted to thank you for flying him out to us. I know you usually require families to pick up their dogs in person, but we really appreciate you making an exception for us. Attached are some pictures of Taz. Please let me know if you can't open the files.





Hi DBT and DBT!

How are you?  I am writing to give you an update on Jon Bee from Annabelle and Elvis’ litter.  We named him Hank.  He is doing great!  We moved from San Francisco to Kansas City back in February.  Hankie really liked the snow!  We were in a moving van for three days and he just sat on top of his carrier and was a complete angel the entire trip!  He is a great traveling dog, and is always so good in the car!

Hank will be 7 months old in less than a week and he weighs 17 lbs.  We had him neutered yesterday and he did great.  After the anesthesia wore off you would never have known he had surgery.  Where can I fax the papers to you?

He is doing great with the potty training, he goes outside almost all the time now.  He can hold it all night and when we occasionally get home late from work he holds it all day!  He can sit, stay, and lie down, and shake hands.  All without puppy classes!  We’re going to sign him up now that he’s been neutered.  I’ve never known such a smart puppy!

He does some silly things, like he always wants to chew his toys on my feet, and when we take him outside he slides through the grass like a snake.  It is hysterical!  He loves other people and dogs.  We are staying with my Mom until we find a house out here and she has two Yorkies.  They didn’t like him very much at first but he keeps trying to bring them his toys and stuff so they are coming around.  He and the female play tug of war with a stuffed puppy and it’s the funniest thing!

Once he settles down a little bit I’d love to get a little sister for him from you.  He is so energetic that he really needs a playmate. 

I’ve attached some pictures that I took from my camera phone, I apologize if they’re a little fuzzy.

Thank you so much for helping me find the perfect dog and my new best friend!

Take care,

Jenny and Hank



Hi DBT and DBT:


Dexter (AKA Ray Ray)  is from the liter of Annabelle and Elvis born on October 12, 2007. Dexter is now 6 months.  He is 22 pounds already!  He has been neutered on April 9.  He is soo sweet dog and sometimes very naughty.  He is great with all dogs, children and adults.  He loves to give kisses and to get kisses. He is so smart, loves games and we are go happy.


Thank you,

Shannon and Janet Murphy



Dear Day Boston Terriers!

I just wanted to send a note to you to let you know how our guy that we got from you is doing! We brought Kirby Day home to Washington in December of 2006...his name here with us is Tucker. He is such a joy to have and our family wouldn't be the same without him! He is such a well-behaved guy and so sweet and loving. Everywhere we go people are always stopping us to admire him and love him (and get a kiss from him)! Thank you so much for this special doggy!!

Kendal Canaday and Dana Smith & kids and Tucker!


April 2nd, 2008

Dearest DBT,

Sweet Annabelle and handsome Elvis did a great job producing this litter because Brody, aka "Winston," is absolutely wonderful. I am writing you to let you know that my husband, William, and I just had Brody neutered this past Monday, and already, he's feeling much better and running around the house with his sister, Pepper, as I write this e-mail. Born on October 12th, 2007, he is now approximately 5 1/2 months and weighs 20-21 pounds. It's strange because "Winston" and his twin "JonBee" were the smallest out of litter. I believe he still has much more growing to do. What do you think? Also, Brody has much bully and extra skin all over his body, which I think he inherited from Annabelle. Strangely enough, whenever we go to our local dog park, he doesn't care too much about playing with the other dogs but rather go up and greet all the humans there! He is very good about not jumping or licking people's faces unless he knows he is welcomed. Also, I would like to mention that he is VERY passive and laid back as you mentioned in his description; he lets Pepper dominate everything and doesn't mind this one bit. Don't let his charm fool you; he does have a rebel, mischievous side like running away from me with an ink pen in his mouth and getting the ink all over my light suede couches, haha. He is quite a character, and we are blessed to have the opportunity to adopt Brody into our lives and into our family :-).

Let us know what else we need to do to get his papers. I have attached some adorable pictures of my little man. I hope you enjoy them!


Landee & William



Dear DBT and DBT,
We just wanted to write and let you know how much we love Walter! He's been an amazing dog since the first day we brought him home. People stop us all the time because he's so adorable, and he's incredibly friendly with every dog and person we meet. He's also great with kids! Thank you for breeding such a loving, healthy, well-adjusted companion.
Walter was born Labor Day weekend 2006, son of Corvina and Brave. He's a year and a half now and weighs 25 pounds.
We're happy to serve as references. We already refer people to you all the time! Thank you again.
Best wishes,
Brendan and Rebecca Cullen




We just wanted to let you know how proud we are of Dolly!!! That was her kennel name when we picked her up 2 years ago. We loved the name & just let her keep it. She is the sweetest, most adorable little critter on earth!!! She weighs around 14 lbs & is very petite. She loves sleeping in the bed with her mom.  I hope the photo I have attached comes through, because you just have to see how pretty & adorable she really is. She loves living in Reno!!!! Thanks for everything!!!


The Rabons in Reno





I just wanted to write to let you know how happy we are with Ralph (AKA Kibbles from Lucy and Bam Bam's litter).  He is just such a wonderful little dog, we can't say enough good things about him.  He is so intelligent, sweet, comical, and just so darn adorable.  He weighed in at 11lbs last time we were at the vet but now we think he's up to 13 at a little more than 4 months old.  We think he will be a pretty big boy but he's very tall, lean and muscular like you his father, like you predicted.  We just can't tell you what joy Ralph has brought to our lives.  He has become such a wonderful addition to our family and we enjoy taking him to as many places as we can.  He is always a perfect gentleman when we go out and he completed his first puppy class at the SPCA where he was a favorite of the staff and other dogs and dog owners.  He just loves making friends with people and other dogs and I always feel proud to take him out because I know he will behave wonderfully.  His coat is just as soft and shiny as before with the most beautiful golden brown brindleing coming through.  His ears are adorable and floppy which we think makes him that much more special and unique.  Thanks you so much for bringing this wonderful animal into our lives.  I attached a few pics from when he was 3 months old to today.




Abbie and Jeff


P.S.  Do you know if any of Ralph's littermates live in the bay area?  If so it would be awesome if you could pass along my email address to them so perhaps we could re-unite. 



Just wanted to let you know, Scooter is the center of our lives!  He is doing wonderful - so smart...ok, too smart... and so cute and funny, always wanting to be with us - WE LOVE HIM so much!  He is 4 months today and at his last visit to the vet he was at 8 lb 10 oz...that was on the 9th... he goes tomorrow for another round of shots and I know he must weigh more.  We have enrolled him in puppy school...he is one of the best students there.  I KNOW HE KNOWS when to be 'on' and when he can 'goof off' - he knows when others are watching and really struts his stuff...he is definitely a favorite with the handlers and the instructor!  One of the ladies calls him 'Boston Boy' and just giggles when she see him!  He is a star!  I feel like a fumbling fool at times, but he figures out the task before I do!  Who is training who...??


Thank you so much for doing what you do!  Scooter is a healthy, well-adjusted, confidant and fabulous breed of a dog.  He is a member of our family!  - by the way his coat is still as silky as it was as an 8 week old!  just the slightest bit of (red-dark brown) brindle in the sun, and it shines like nothing else!  absolutely stunning!  Hope all is well...tell Lucy and BamBam great job!  his eyes look blue in the picture, but they are shiny, melt-your-heart brown & black!  thanks, Robin Hampton





Hello and how are you?  Please refer to the attachments for a copy of Niko (Korby's) neutering certificate.  I hope a scanned copy is okay?  We also wanted to send you a couple of pictures of Niko.  He's such an amazing boy -- everywhere he goes he makes people smile. 

Thanks for bringing such a wonderful puppy into our lives...

Jessica Ramirez and Eric Gross



Hello DBT,

Here’s some pictures of Oinker (Cooper) at 7 months. You were right… he really likes toys!!! He’s a ball of energy, and a beautiful, happy, and smart little puppy. His Neuter certificate is in the mail. Let us know when you receive it.


Lashaun and Eric








Just wanted to send you a photograph of Cody (from Gabe and Priscilla) and his best pal, Rex. Cody is the cute little guy on the left!  We love Cody- he is such a fun and loving little guy! He and his brother Rex are the best of friends. As I write, they are both cuddled up on a blanket next to the fire, snoring of course. They really do think they are humans!


Cody was neutered a couple of weeks ago-- all went well. He is now a little over a year old and 20 pounds!  Darrin and I adore him-- he was the perfect addition to our family!  We can't imagine only having one Boston Terrier!  It is constant entertainment-- and of course, they are perfect companions for one another!


Hope all is well for you and your crew. I visit your website often to see your pups-- they sure are cute!


Best wishes,


Kim Henderson




Hello DBT,

I emailed you about a month ago to let you know Sean and I are interested in getting a little sister for Willy.  Since we want a brown one like Willy, you mentioned that we should keep an eye on Linda Strickland's available and upcoming litters.  We will do that--thank you.  However, if you have a little brown female puppy that is or will be available in the upcoming months and you have not heard from us, please contact me and let me know.


During our last email correspondence you asked me to send you some pictures of Willy.  Attached are two very recent pics:  one of them is the picture we used for this year's Christmas cards and it was taken several weeks ago; the other was taken Christmas day.  We were in the kitchen and Willy, as always, needed to be with us so he came in with one of his toys and planted himself on the rug in front of the sink and fell asleep.  I collected the rest of the toys he got from Santa and we took this picture of him falling asleep with all his loot.  Please note the elf hat that he wore from the Christmas card picture is now a chew toy!


Happy New Year!

Denise Harrigan






I recently sent you a note with the spay info for Lola (Delilah from Annabelle & Pepito, born April 7, 2007).  I wanted to give you a few recent pictures.  She is doing GREAT!  We love her very much and want to thank you again for her J.  She is a beautiful girl and she is very smart and full of energy!  She wants to give us loves and kisses all the time.  She completed her puppy training and did very well.  She recently started to sleep on the bed with us and LOVES it.  She is completely potty trained and uses the doggy door we installed.  She also loves our cat Jerry too!  I have never seen an ounce of aggression in her and feel completely comfortable with her around my children and other animals.  Playing is her favorite pastime!  Thank You again for such a wonderful girl!!


Aubree Macdonald & Family

P.S.  She is 15 pounds now!



It's Shannon and Johnny finally sending some pictures and stories about Ginger (formerly Foxie) from Mariah and Rudy, born September 10th, 2007.  I'll start by saying that we are in love with her and we honestly thought it would be pretty hard to get another Boston as beautiful, sweet and smart like Rallie who we adopted in March this year.  Ginger is a little more cautious than Rallie as she sits back and tilts her head from side to side, she takes moments and soaks it all in.  Like Rallie she is a cuddel bug.  She loves to lay with Rallie although Rallie doesn't like it too much when Ginger crowds her space and tries to take mommies lap.  Rallie graiciously lets Ginger have her spot. Ginger has great big beautiful ears and beautiful markings and has spots of tan on one side of her coat.  Her eyes are hazle or very light brown.  We have easily taught her to sit on command and is on her way to being potty trained.


We love our puppies!  They bring us so much joy every day!  Thank you so much for everything you do!

~Shannon P. Moreali



Hey there, Day Boston Terriers!

I just wanted to forward you a new picture of our Chloe ("Tootsie" at your facility before she became Chloe)!  This is from last week's Thanksgiving Day dinner.  In the picture our girl is looking on in anticipation of her own turkey and mashed-potato dinner.

She is doing quite well, becoming quite the independent spirit as she approaches her fourth birthday in February.  It's hard to believe we've had her that long, as it seems like it was just yesterday that we were at your place picking her up for the journey home.

Since moving to San Francisco from Santa Barbara over a year ago, Chloe has made some great friends at a local dog park; and her favorite outing is a hike around Fort Funston, and running laps in the sand at the accompanying beach!

We wish you and your Bostons a very happy holiday season, and a healthy 2008!

With great thanks for our girl,

Brent and Wayne





Sorry it took so long to contact you about Samson (Sammy). He was born oct.28th 2006; he was “Luke” from Lucy’s litter. He has been neutered and is current with all of his shots. His vet is Dr. Petra Drake 650-367-8520, feel free to contact her for confirmation or let me know if I need to send something else.We love him so much! He is the best dog any of us have ever had. We would love to get a companion for him next summer!!! I can’t express enough how wonderful he has been for our family. He is so affectionate and loving and loves to play! Thank you thank you thank you! Here are some pictures of him at 8 months.

Thanks Again,

Jennifer Wolfe



Hi DBT and DBT,

Just wanted to give you a quick update and picture. Cosmo is a BLAST!

She loves people (especially all the kiddos in our neighborhood).

I have sent a picture of her, just took it the other day - she just made it to 6 lbs. - pretty darn small still!

Thanks again,

The Bowdens


Hello DBT and DBT

Today, Brophy (formerly Adonis) is three months old!  He is doing great.  He has some not so good days, but overall, he is almost completely housebroken, goes on long walks staying (mostly!) right by my side, sits, lies down and (mostly) comes.  He plays fetch like a champ, doing the cutest hopping run when he gets close to the squeaky gorilla or soft frisbee.  He LOVES to meet new people, staring at them longingly after they've walked away, and is super good with the kids he's met--when they play roughly or pick him up awkwardly, he turns into a little rag doll and licks them up.  It's like he knows to be gentle, because when he meets adults, he gets very active/jumpy.  EVERYONE who meets him remarks about his color and how good looking he is.

He loves to chew on leaves, bark or pieces of long grass/weeds.  He loves them more than his toys!  Weird.He's been to the vet twice--they say he's the best behaved boston ever. Nipping has been an issue--do you have any tips?  We yelp (it hurts!), put him in his crate when he gets too hyper, or put different toys in his mouth and praise him when he chews on them.  He can be pushy at times, so I try to do a lot of praising when he's behaving right.

 Thank you for our little guy.  We'll keep you updated...

 Kelly and Jake





Hi guys!  We thought you might want to post these recent pics of our DBT's.  It turns out that we ran into a gentleman with a DBT himself and as it turns out they were from the same litter!   Crazy coincidence!  They are Mojo and Ruppert formerly known as Spot and Willy, from Corvina and Boyfriend's litter!  Born Aug. 31st 2006.  We are now friends and go to the same dog parks, and just had a joint birthday party for these little darlings.  Here are the pics in attachment!  Oh and by the way, of all the bostons we see in San Francisco, DBT's are by far the best looking.  We've ran into about 8 DBT's since we got ours and every single one is adorable.  Have a great day!

-Martin Alexander





Just a quick update on Stitch (aka Leroy of Lexie & Chip/Braveheart's August 2006 litter).  He has so many fans in my apartment complex, everyone who sees him says "what a nice doggy!"  He is so lovable and well-behaved.  At the dog park, he just loves bouncing around trying to get all the big dogs to chase him - and they can never catch him!  He also likes to wrestle with them sometimes, and always has to pounce up to every human to say hi with big licks.  Stitch is a good 15-16 pounds, still on the smaller side, but I think he is the perfect size for me

We're in the Santa Monica Boston Terrier group, so once a month he gets to spend some quality time with a ton of other crazy Bostons.  We have met quite a few other Day BTs:   Tallulah, Dakota, Enzo, Fenway, & Bruce.  We actually just dogsat Tallulah for a couple weeks while her parents were out of the country, and she and Stitch just had a ball playing nonstop.  I take Stitch to a doggy daycare about twice a week, which he loves.  He gets a full day's worth of nonstop attention there, playing and running, so he's always happy and tired when I pick him up at the end of the day.

For Stitch's 1-year birthday, my boyfriend and I took Stitch to the San Diego Padres "Dog Days of Summer" game where they let you bring you dog to the game, and we had a blast!  Attached are a couple photos.  He also loves going anywhere we go and loves jumping up into his car seat.

Thank you again for such a wonderful dog!

- Lisa Goddard




Hi DBT and DBT,

I just wanted to send you an update and some photos of Bella (Beatrice and Braveheart litter of 02/02/07). We kept her name as it fits her so well, she is beautiful. In addition to good looks, she has a personality that won't quit. She loves to sit on the back of the couch and watch the kids out the front window. She is smart, funny and loves people and other dogs. Everyone is a potential playmate. She has been so easy to train and in fact seems to thrive on learning new things. I am thinking about getting involved with agility training because I think she would love it. We had her spayed and she never missed a beat. We took her on her first camping trip a couple of weeks ago and she traveled well and was a perfect citizen. We love her to pieces.
Thank you for raising such high quality, family-oriented Boston Terriers. We highly recommend you to anyone interested in a Boston Terrier and would definitely buy from you again.

Judy Rust and Family



Hello DBT and DBT,


We wanted to give you an update on Yoshi (formerly Jon) who was born Dec. 28, 2006 to Roxy and Gabe.  I know you hear this all of the time, but Yoshi is the best dog in the world!  He is spunky, affectionate, intelligent, and is loved by every man, woman, child, and dog that comes near him.  He brings a smile to our face every day.  He is now about 8 months old and weighs 15.5 lbs.  As you may recall, Yoshi was the smallest little guy in the litter and now he is beautiful and muscular.  We cannot walk him or take him anywhere without someone complimenting him.  His friendly personality makes everyone want to take him home.  Thank you so much for breeding wonderful dogs.  Once Yoshi is fully grown, we may buy a little brother or sister for him.  He was neutered as promised when he was 6 months and hasn't changed a bit. Attached are a few pictures of him on his 7 month birthday and as a smaller puppy.


Thanks again!

Medell and John Malonson





I just wanted to send you a little note to tell you how fantastic our dog Sam is.  He is the most loving, gentle, energetic, and cutest boston ever.  His parents were Boyfriend day and I think his mother was Roxie?  He was born Sept.14, 2006 and has just celebrated his first birthday.  He loves the water and thinks that our ragdoll cats are his littermates.  Our cats love him and I have told all of our friends about you.  I got your name from Susan and Santina and love their dogs as well as mine.  Here are some pictures of Sam.

Julia Hanz




Hi there! Attached are some 7 month pictures of Rallie aka Patty born in February.  We had her spayed last month.  We are so pleased with her.  She is very sweet, she loves to play and run around, but most of all, she loves to cuddle with us.  We can't wait to add another Boston to our family.  Please let us know what we need to do to get her papers. 

Warm Regards,

~Shannon P. Moreali & John Moreali




I thought I would share a few pictures of Duke (Chiquita and Freckle's litter 6/06).  He is such a great little dog.  He is a few months over a year and has hit the big 14 lb. mark on the scale.  The pictures are from our dog friendly vacation stay - I just can leave him for more than a few hours...is that weird?   The dogs had a blast!  We love the pictures of Pricilla's new fawn pups...and how is Corvina? (we fell in love with her when we picked up Duke.)

Take care, 



See further down for a puppy update on Duke!





I purchased a puppy from you back in April of this year and I just wanted to say thank you so much!!! I got one of your friends (Linda Strickland) red boston female (Julie) now “Olive” and she is such a delight. She has been such a joy in my life and has been so easy going and sweet! The perfect addition to my family! She doesn’t chew things, isn’t too hyperactive, hardly barks and gives love all the time! My boyfriend and I are so happy with her we are hoping someday to make a visit up there and bring home a little brother for her. We were looking at your website and saw some really cute ones specifically Priscilla and were wondering if she will be having a litter anytime in the future. We are in no rush but just wanted to get some info from you. Again thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you soon!





Hello.  We adopted our Boston, Tito, from you last year.  He actually just turned 1 on August 8th.  We just wanted to email you and your family to let you know that we couldn’t be happier with him and that he’s doing extremely well!  He has a very healthy appetite and though we feed him two cups of dry dog food a day and never give him table scraps, he is already 26 pounds and still growing.  We have another Boston too, Roxy who is about 2 and a half now.  They are best friends and Tito, even though he’s younger, always looks out for her.  We take them out at least once or twice a day for exercise and Tito is so athletic it’s crazy.  Roxy’s pretty spry but Tito started out running her a long time ago.  He’s taught her to fetch too which is a blessing when it comes to getting them good exercise.  Anyways, we attached some photos for you (don’t worry, he didn’t have any beer!).  Hope all is well.


Darrin and Alexis


All I can say is we ADORE little Monty (aka Adam) Birthday August 7, 2006.
He is a perfect dog.

We are seriously thinking of getting him a brother (or sister) from you ... what do you suggest?
Monty is totally social with people and other dogs. He totally hassles/chases our 15 year old cat but that is to be expected! We have put him in two puppy classes and is now in an agility playgroup!

We are looking at your new batch of tan & white.
Monty is neutered (we just haven't gotten around to sending the papers)

If you have a moment - please let us know if you have an opinion one way or the other!

Thank you so much for MONTY!

Your friends,
Nancy and Jeff Smith



Here are some pictures of Daisy May and Annabelle, our adorable little girls.  We love them so and they are just the joy of our lives!  The first picture is not to long after we brought Annabelle home (Annabelle crashed out in her pink cable-knit sweater) - Daisy was a great big sister.  The second one is more recent.  They love each other!  Check out Annabelle's crossed front paws - she's such a lady!  She has HUGE ears that are adorable.  Can you tell we love our pups? 


Thanks again.  Look forward to talking to you further about another pup.


Best regards - Carol




He DBT just wanted to say hello and tell you how our dogs are doing. Rocky (Gabriel) who was one of your favorite pups birthday was yesterday. He is about 17 lbs now and is doing great. Our other dog Blazer we got from you is also great. They are the perfect little doggies and are really high energy which is one thing we love about them. We have had them both for almost a year now and they are best friends we are so glad we got a second one. If we have to take one out for some reason and cant take them both the other one will spend the entire time looking for the the other one around the house until he comes home, its really cute.  Anyways just wanted to let you know they are both doing great!!! I dont have any new pictures this time but just wanted to let you know.


Tim and Jackie


Elle has adjusted very well to her new life in Boston! She was a star on the airplane (everyone loved her and complimented her quiet, calm behavior) and already has many fans in the neighborhood. I have attached two photos of her at a local park.



Erin Richman


Hi DBT and Family,

We just wanted to say thank you again for our wonderful puppy- Stanley (...we kept his kennel name which suits him perfectly!). He is 1 year and 4 months old and has been the perfect addition to our family. We adopted him in April 2006 from Alice and Joey's litter. He lights up every room he walks (or leaps) into and absolutely loves to be the center of attention. Stanley brings laughter and smiles to everyone he meets with his affectionate and playful demeanor. He loves all people, animals, and toys....pretty much anything he can get to.  He is the perfect companion and we couldn't be any happier.

Mostly, we wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your hard work to breed and train excellent and healthy Bostons. We look forward to recommending you to anyone we meet who is interested in a Boston. Attached are some pictures of Stanley and even his very own "Warhol Style" portrait...

Thanks again!

Courtney Itani and Garry Niver



Here are a couple of professional pictures that were taken of Joy when she was about six months old.

We want you to know that she truly is a Joy to us.  She has a great personality…a little more vocal than we’ve had in the past.  Candi says she’s a ‘cuddle bug’.

She really plays well with all breeds.  We yet to have a problem introducing her to anyone.  If she sees a person while we’re out walking, she immediately thinks that they are coming to see her.

We hope all is well with you.

Brent & Candi Jenkins


As requested, here are a few photos of Mojo, whom we are enjoying immensely. He is a real sweetheart with everybody from canine, to feline to human interactions! For a first dog, I feel so lucky to have gotten such a balanced dog. He's been a joy in every way! Guess his ears may stay floppy, but we love them anyway.
Roxanne & Mojo
His Ears will go up when he's done growing! :)
DBT and DBT:
I'm sorry it has taken me so long to update you on Enzo (born 11/1/06; Sammie+Presley). 
He is doing well and has recovered from his neuter surgery. (They said it was the easiest neuter ever.) He has reached 16.6 pounds and is bigger than we thought he'd be. He has long legs and a long lean body. His fur is a red and black brindle - so unusual and pretty. He kind of looks like a mini boxer.
He has been easy to train and learned several commands right when I got him home. He was fully housetrained at about six months.
He is a happy, friendly, funny, easygoing dog and we are so glad we chose him to be part of our family. Everyone who sees him comments on how gorgeous he is. He loves my kids and tolerates anything from them, even my three year old daughter's manhandling. He is so sweet and his disposition is lovely.   He loves to go for long walks, or play on the beach.  When he goes to the dogpark, I think he thinks he is a big dog, because he always chooses to play with them, now that he figured out how to.
He likes to watch TV with us on the couch. He likes to play with plastic bottles, play fetch and loves to pop bubbles in his mouth (see photos). He always bring out all his toys to show you and chews on them for hours. He has never chewed our furniture or shoes and is so good about listening to us, I could swear he understands English.
I met another puppy from your dogs named Stitch. We are in the Santa Monica Boston Terrier Club, and there are a bunch of dogs from your facility  there at the meetings. (We meet once a month) I hope to take a picture of all the Day Boston's at our next meeting so I can send it to you. Since you are frequently recommended by members, I wouldn't be surprised if you have many LA area people contacting you in the future. I know I would recommend you to anyone who's interested. Your dogs are beautiful and so well behaved. I love to look at the puppies on your site and often wish I could get another, especially an Annabelle pup.
Thank you for everything. Should I send a copy of the neuter papers to you? Is there anything else you need for your records? Hope to hear from you soon!
Shannon Dittbrenner


Just wanted to send a thank you to you and your family. We brought home Moxi aka Peace, Mary Edith and Grasshopper's daughter on January 9th 2007. She is so loving and cute. Moxi has been the best dog we have ever had and can't believe we were so lucky to have found your website. When we brought her home she was a little under 2 pounds but today she is almost 12 pounds. Moxi is pretty much potty-trained but she still has a couple accidents. She loves to play and sunbath in the backyard and never passes up a chance to play with other dogs. We wish we could purchase another one but right now we are planning a wedding and just cant afford to get a friend for Moxi.

On May 24th Moxi was spayed at Community Pet Clinic and seems to be doing just fine. We understand that after we have spayed her that we should receive the final registration papers. I will mail you the paper work and hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you again for the wonderful friend.

Danielle and Ian Osborn

I attached some pics of Moxi!!







I just wanted to write you and let you know that Bruce (Jake), from Rudy and  Cuddy's  litter May 18th, 2006, is doing amazing!

Bruce is my first dog, and I am so glad I was able to get him from an excellent breeder like you.  He was potty

trained completely 3 weeks after we brought him home, has the most relaxed friendly personality, and learns every

trick we teach him within 3 days (with treats of course!!!:)) He has to run up to every single person at the dog park when

we arrive just to give them surprise kisses on the face, he actually pays more attention to the people at the park, instead

of the dogs! He is our little baby and sleeps with us every night (even if he does hog the bed!).  We can't wait to one day purchase another puppy from you to give Bruce a little brother or sister.  I attached some pics from when he was little to now,  for you to enjoy and post:) The boxers are Bruces best friends!


Thank You,


Elizabeth and Randy





Hello DBT!


Sorry it's taken so long for me to get in touch with you again.  I picked up Ben (now Harley) from you on October 16, 2006.  He's was born on the 16th of August, and is now 8 months old.  I had promised you some pictures and an update on how he's doing.  If I remember correctly, Harley was the baby of Nikki and Boyfriend.


Harley is THE BEST DOG IN THE WORLD!!!!  I can't even begin to explain to you how much we love him.  Not sure if you remember my story, but we had to put our beloved Mr. Beans to sleep only a year after we got him due to luxating patellas and a severe allergic reaction to anesthesia during surgery.  Mr. Beans was a huge Boston (28 pounds) and was absolutely crazy (he's was not from your kennel).  Hyper, hyper, hyper - very protective of me (my husband couldn't stand next to me or Beans would go crazy) and a very, very bad boy.  He chewed everything in sight, refused to be pottie trained and basically did his own thing no matter how much we worked with him.  I learned a valuable lesson about checking out a breeder when buying a dog.  I'm so glad I did my homework and found you!!  When you told me your dogs were bread for their temperament, I honestly didn't believe you.  I hoped it was possible that I could have a well behaved, smart, friendly dog, but I had my doubts.  When you told me about Ben - and his sweet nature, and how he would just sit and look into your eyes when you talked to him, and how he loved to give kisses, it all sounded too good to be true.  It wasn't too good to be true.  Harley is everything you promised he would be.  He was pottie trained within a few weeks of bringing him home.  He STILL has every single toy we have ever bought him.  We have all of our shoes, there have been no Barbie casualties, the sprinklers are all still working, the legs of my chairs are in perfect condition, my rugs are intact.  The front door can be wide open - and he will stand there, looking out - and wait to be invited out before he takes a step.  I did not train him to do this - it's just the way he is.  He checks with his people before any decision is made.  He will get on the couch with us - but only if he's invited.  When I tell him it's time to go to bed, he trots down the hall and gets right into his crate and goes to sleep.  When I tell him we're going bye-bye - he runs to the back door and waits for me to put him in the car.  When I tell him it's time for his bath - he runs to the tub and sits by his brush.  He's brilliant!  Amazing!!  He knows each one of his toys.  He has a favorite - it's so bizarre - but it's a stuffed beaver.  He holds his beaver in his paws and sucks on it until he falls asleep.  If I ask him, "where's your beaver?"  He runs to get it and brings it right to me. He has a pig, a fish, a bone, his ball - etc.  He knows each one and will bring me the one I ask for. 


Harley is so funny!  He uses his paws to get our attention.  He looks like he's Hi-fiving the air - or waving at us.  Oh!  One more fabulous fact about Harley. My mother and father-in-law are NOT animal people.  They do not see the point in pets - animals are just another thing to clean up after - they don't get it.  ESPECIALLY a dog in the house. That's just ridiculous to them.  Well....  Harely is so well behaved, he has been invited to come to their house for Holidays when we go there.  Each time, he's been a perfect gentleman and has been invited back anytime.  That is amazing and speaks volumes as to what a good boy Harley is. 


We are kicking around the idea of getting another dog.  Maybe a little girl this time........  If we decide to to it, you know we wouldn't' think of getting our new baby anywhere else but from you.  Thank you so much for caring so much about your dogs.  It's made the world of difference.  The experience of having a dog from a breeder who cares compared to having a dog from a breeder who doesn't care has been night and "Day" (pun intended). 


Here are some pictures of Harley.....  notice his stuffed beaver... he sucks on it for hours.... it's crazy!


With much gratitude,


The Parmer's

Mike, Melanie, Ryan, Katelyn and Harley




Dear Day Boston Terriers and Family-

I just wanted to give you guys an update on our sweet puppy Pancake (originally named Charles, parents: Sasha, Braveheart, born 8/7/06). He is doing very well and we love him immensely. He comes to work with me 4 days a week (at a doggie daycare) and has lots of puppy friends. The pugs and Frenchies love to curl up with him in the sun, and he spends most of his time running around trying to give kisses to the big dogs. He is very curious and mellow, and needs to cuddle or be in someone's lap at all times.
We are planning on taking him to puppy school this summer. He has been such an amazing addition to our family, and whenever people stop us on the street to marvel at his friendly demeanor, we tell them he came from a great breeder. Actually, there are quite a lot of Day Boston Terriers here in San Francisco.

I've attached a picture I took of him about a month ago, plus a couple extras. His favorite toy is a little squeeky rubber chicken. He was neutered on 1/30/07, and although he has a bit of a sensitive stomach at times, is very healthy and handsome.

Thank you so much for allowing us to care for such a sweet creature.
He sends his regards and lots of puppy love to his human and doggy family.

-Jesse and Siobhan






Sorry it’s taken me so long to get some pictures out too you of Dakota “formerly Macy”.  First I must tell you that Dakota has been a bundle of Joy for Jennifer and I and we just love her so very much.  She is one spoiled dog; however she is well worth it, that’s for sure.

She is now a little over 8lbs and has had all her shots except rabies which she gets on April 28th.  We’ve had a trainer working with Dakota for the past 6 weeks and that also has been going very well, Dakota is one smart puppy!!!

Everywhere we go everyone always comments on how beautiful or cute Dakota is and they just love her markings.  As you can see if the pictures she is just an amazingly good looking puppy.

I hope all is well with you and all the other Bostons !!!

Jim & Jennifer






Hi DBT and DBT,


Not sure if you got the first email I sent, however, I just wanted to let you know that “Fisher” now Sox who was born from Annabelle and Brave Sept. 11 2006 is now almost 7mo.    He just went through his neuter on Friday and is doing very well.  Bryan and I just love him so much, he is SO spoiled but really we wouldn’t have it any other way.  He is our little love bug who always wants to be with us, you were right!  He also loves loves loves to give kisses, we can truly see why originally he was named “Fisher”, fishing for kisses!  I have to say originally I wanted a big dog (lab) and I’m so in love with this breed now that I think eventually we will be back to purchase another pup from you, so Sox can have a brother or sister J!  He’s been to the dog park several times and loves it.  We always get compliments on him and in fact he met another boston for the first time last week and it was SO cute to see Sox run up to him, the connection was there!  I actually referred the owner to your website along with another girl we met at the park.  We can’t thank you enough for taking the time to breed such beautiful, loving, healthy dogs.  We’ll be back! 


Here are a few pics.  The black and white one was just taken and the color one was him Dec. 2006.



Take care,

Kelly and Bryan Greer



 Just wanted to let you know that Rocky and Blazer are doing great. They are the neatest dogs and our lives now completely revolve around them they are so sweet and fun.  Here are a few updated pics.


Tim & Jackie





Hi DBT!!!


I was just thinking of you this morning and went on the Web site to see the new babies, mommies and daddies.  (I could buy them all if I had the time to give them all!)  I’m sorry I haven’t sent more pictures of Zoey & Zeke, but will put them on a CD and mail them to you one of these days.

I just wanted to reiterate what we’ve said before but what Lee and I think every single day.  We are so grateful to have our little Zoey & Zeke.  They are the most fabulous, wonderful babies and friends we could ever have!!!!  We cannot say enough about our 2 little children and the wonderful pups that Day Boston produces.  Lee and I are so much in love with our little Z’s and laugh every day at their antics and delightful expressions.  Zoey is such a mature “big” sister to Zeke, who is a bumbling little goof ball who loves to give kisses, kisses, kisses.  Zoey loves her ball time at the park and amazes people with her lightening speed.  Zeke is the “surveyor” and a true hunter, like his Daddy, Joey, was.  While their body shapes are different, Zoey & Zeke have the same wonderful personality and HUGE heart that we are sure came from Alice, the Wonder Dog.  They give us so much unconditional love, it’s amazing.

We walk them every day and take them to the park and I cannot tell you how many people compliment us on our babies.  How beautiful they are (their coats are incredibly gorgeous).  How wonderful their personalities are.  And if we meet someone who has a Boston (or 2), they rave about their Bostons too!  They truly are an addicting breed and the ONLY one we would ever have.

We are building a custom home in New Mexico, and have bought a half acre lot with full intention of taking half the lot and making it the kids play area.  We are hoping to find a Boston fan club in the Rio Rancho/Albuquerque area so we can have parties and play time together with a bunch of Bostons!  Our own little Rio Rancho Rumble, if you will.

Anyway, I thought of you today and how lucky we were to connect with you, and just wanted to pass along our continued thanks and appreciation.  Keep up the great work and ALWAYS hold to your convictions – breeding healthy, happy Bostons!

Puppy hugs & kisses from Zoey & Zeke to Alice, Joey and Hoover!



Pam Witt, Lee St. Pierre and Zoey & Zeke


Hi, DBT & Family


 Just wanted to tell you how things are going with Chief. He is truly the best dog we have ever had. His personality is just wonderful he is always making us laugh and is a joy to have in our family. That is what has made us decide to get another Boston from you, we are looking forward to picking her up in June and my son talks to Chief all the time about how he is going to have a little sister. I can not even express how much joy Chief has brought us. You and your family do such a wonderful job with these pups you should really be proud of yourselves. Above are some pics of Trevor & Chief. Chief has so much fun tagging along with us when we go Quad riding he is really part of the family. 


Thanks again will see ya soon,


Desiree & Family 

<---- He Looks just his mom Alice, and sisters  Corvina and Butterfly!





We just wanted to say hello. Toby has turned into such a great companion. He goes just about everywhere we do. He’s very much a part of the family now. Its funny how attached you get; I can’t imagine what life was like before Toby. Anyway, hope all is well with you and family. The puppies are so cute on your website. I melt when I see pictures of them.

Take care,

Toby & Annette






We are already in love with Roxie from Chloe's litter (we picked her up last Saturday from you).  We have renamed her Annabelle.  Our Daisy May, now 1.5 years old, just loves her new little companion.  They are happily playing tug-of-war with all the toys.  Annabelle is eating, drinking, pooping, playing and sleeping - she seems so content with our family - she's not shy or timid whatsoever!  She sat in my 85 year old father's lap and kissed him - the pictures are darling!  The cats took a little sniff at her then walked away - so they are nonplussed by her presence in our house.  


Annabelle whined at the family room door yesterday (Day 2) to go out to potty.  What a smart girl she is!  We think she's a good fit for our Daisy.  Daisy plays a little rough with her at times but we think that is just not understanding how young Annabelle is.  We are only allowing them to be together when supervised until Annabelle gets a little larger.  But she owns the place already and is running around happy as a little clam!


One thing we did notice is that Annabelle still has her dew claws and it was our understanding that you had removed them before we picked her up.  What can be done about that now?


I hope you find a place for the lovely Borzois!  I was quite taken by the blonde one.  She was so beautiful and sweet natured!  I just loved her, too!


Thank you very much for raising such lovely dogs. 


Warm regards, Carol



Hello.  My boyfriend, Darrin and I had adopted a red and white, male puppy from you a couple of months ago and I just wanted to let you know that he is doing great!  He is adorable and gets along wonderfully with our other Boston, Roxy.  They have become very close and will be best friends.  I included a couple of photos of him from earlier.  Of course he’s gotten much bigger now as we predict he will be closer to 17 pounds.  He is very playful and a bit mischievious but makes up for it with his affection.  He loves to cuddle and sleep right next to us.  His Kennel name was Toby but we renamed him Tito.  He just responded instantly to it so that was it for us!  Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that we’re extremely happy with him and to thank you again!


Alexis and Darrin





We wanted to let you know that Lola (Lucy & Riley's litter May 25, 2006) is doing great and is just the absolute best dog for our family. Lola was her kennel name and it fit her so well we never changed it. She turned 7 months old in December and seems to go through little growth spurts just like a baby (well she is our little baby). Her favorite person in the house is my husband who honestly never was a "dog person". The two just love each other to death. She is even spoiled enough to share a place in our bed usually cuddled up with him. 

Lola has the sweetest, silliest, smartest and  social temperament. She is a master cuddler! When Lola gets excited she does the cutest little dance involving her whole body. Her physical agility astounds us. She can jump so high in the air and even does an in the air twist, it's AMAZING. All though she can jump so high and has even been seen jumping up on the bed, she still patiently waits for one of us to pick her up like a baby. She has been so easy to train it's almost like she already knew what to do. Lola is the friendliest little girl. She loves everyone and everything from our family, friends, strangers, other dogs and even birds that fly through our yard. Another thing that really surprised us is how quite she is (besides snoring). She absolutely doesn't bark.

Thank you for being such a caring breeder. We are addicted to this breed and may soon be making Lola a big sister.

The Celentano Family

Sacramento, CA


Attached are photos of Lola at 4 and 7 months old.



Here is a pic of Guinness (the little one) and Tanner, who is also from dayboston terriers. His father was Budah Boy De Bonnadelle and mother Lover Boys Kipper Diannie, born July 12, 2004. They are both so sweet and are a joy in our lives.

 Tammy Swank





Here is a picture of the Boston formerly known as Dandylion. He's almost 11 months old and perfect in every way. He was sitting and staying at 4 months! Took no effort to house break him! He never chewed a Prada shoe! Everyone loves him! They all beg to babysit him if I go away. He is playful when it's playtime and mellow when it's time to chill out. He doesn't bark. He's completely social with all dogs and people! He is such a good boy! I am so lucky to have him! When I got him he weighed 2.8 pounds and now he is about 16 pounds. Just the right size for me. Thank you.

His name is now Igor Von Brady, but we just call him Iggy.





I just wanted to give you an update on Duke (formally Copper- Chiquita's & Freckles litter) now that he is just a couple days shy of 7 months.  Duke is such a wonderful addition to our family.  He is so sweet, funny and very smart and to top it off he has a GREAT temperament and healthy.  I have been clicker training him for a couple months now-he has mastered basic training plus high five, high ten, shake, roll over, find my keys, turn around and wave bye/hi.  It's amazing on how fast he learns.  Did I forget to mention that his color has turned out an amazing red with blond stripes on his rear legs. Everywhere we go, I am asked about his breed and color (some think he is a French Bulldog).  He is also maintaining his weight at 13 pounds and 12" height at his shoulders.  Do you think he will have a growth spurt before he's a year? He was neutered at 5 months.  Finally, thank you for your really great advice on the health and other topics I have asked you about.  You have always answered my phone calls and emails - I have really taken advantage of your "lifetime support".  Attached are some ages and stages pictures of Duke - they don't not do him justice on how adorable he really is (Daisy is also pictured in some of the photos).
Take care,
Melissa & Darrell





Dear DBT,  this is Natalie Cruz, the proud owner of "Roxy", formerly known as Ayla.  She was born on 07/11/06.  Her Dam is: Reba and her Sire is: Brave.  Roxy has brought my boyfriend and I such joy these past few months, I can't imagine life without her.  Thank you so much for taking such a pride in breeding these wonderful Boston's.  Roxy is full of energy, a blast to be around and is always there at home waiting with open arms. Thank you so much for taking good care of her in her early days.  We love her so very much.  Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Love, Natalie & Morgan



Hi, we are now calling Kirby- Tucker. He did great on the plane ride home. The whole family has already fallen in love with him. He has a great personality and is so sweet. He is a very good dog and we thank you very much. I did have an exam done which he passed and sent you a copy.
Thanks again, Kendal



I just wanted to let you know that Porkchop is doing well. I think he had a kennel name of Skip. His parents were Pepito and Butterfly ? Born in February last year. He's extremely attentive, healthy and starting to get sort of buffed! He picked up on potty training pretty well and walks on the leash really well. He loves to nap all the time and will often sit at my feet while I'm working just to stare up at me until I pick him up. He hangs out with me in my studio all day with my other Boston and gets plenty of walks and attention. I think at his last checkup he weighed about 15.6 pounds. Here's some semi-older pictures..

I think the contract states that you will mail us our papers if we give you proof of neutering? Can I just send you a copy of the vet records? Thanks again for a great dog. My brother and I are very happy with him.


Josh Cochra



Hi DBT, we just wanted to let you know that both of our dogs are doing great. Rocky (gabriel) is growing up so fast he weighs almost 9 pounds now. Blazer is up to nearly 18 pounds. They are such good dogs and every where we take them we get nothing but compliments on how great they are. They are so great with other dogs and people they just love everyone. Rocky is so cute he loves to run and play and for some reason he does summersaults all the time, its really funny. Having two is real fun they love to play with each other and they keep each other busy all day running and wrestling around. Also attached is a few pictures of them growing up. We were trying to get a picture of them standing by a tree for a Christmas card, but as you can see in the pictures that wasn't happening. Anyways, enjoy.


Tim and Jackie



Hello DBT!


Just wanted to send you a quick note regarding Ben (now Harley).  He is the GREATEST dog in the world.  I can't even express how happy I am that we got him.  His b-day was 8/16/06 - so he's about 3½ months old now and is about 8lbs.  He is SO cute and sweet and everything you promised me he would be.  Both of his ears curl backwards - but I guess that's common until they are about 6 months old - even if they don't end up the way they "should" - he's still the cutest puppy in the world.  He is the sweetest, calmest, loviest little boy ever - he does not go crazy and jump all over people when they come to visit and he's about 90% pottie trained.  My digital camera is on the fritz - but as soon as I figure out what's wrong with it - I'll send you some pics of him.   He has really nice markings and little black "freckles" that show thru the white on his face.  He loves to go "bye-bye" in the car and play fetch and tug-o-war - he still has the little fish that you sent home with him - it's one of his favorite toys.  I can't believe all of his toys are still intact - Beans chewed toys until they were nothing but fluff.  We haven't lost any shoes, slippers, barbies, leggos - not a thing.  If he gets a toy he's not supposed to have, I tell him "NO", he drops it and never picks it up again.  He sleeps thru the night now and wakes up to go outside at about 5:30 am - much better than the 2:00 am for the last month and a half.  My kids adore him - and he adores them.  My son (11 years old) is his best buddy and he follows him around everywhere he goes - and whimpers when we drop him off at school.  He even lets my daughter (6 years old) carry him around like a baby.  He does have a yeast infection in both ears right now - the vet gave me drops that are helping and he did have a pretty bad cough for several weeks, but that's all cleared up now (he was on antibiotics for a while).  We have his appointment to be neutered on the 14th of next month with the Vet from UC Davis.  My husband thought I should contact you before we have it done to make sure you don't want to use him as a stud.  That cracks me up - because he's such a little guy right now - but we are simply amazed at the good behavior and sweetness of this little guy.  I don't plan on using him as a stud - like I said, we have the appointment set - and I TOTALLY agree with the way you breed your dogs and wouldn't ever want to breed him with someone who isn't as care full as you are - so I just thought I'd contact you before his appointment to let you decide.  I know you know already - but his father is Boyfriend and his Mother is Nicki - and I guess Nicki isn't one of "your" dogs.


Thanks so much - I really can't tell you enough how much we love him.


Melanie P.



I just wanted to drop you a note about your recent addition to the web page of dogs available for adoption through petfinder.com.  While I purchased the most beautiful puppy from you, I often think about, with guilt, all the other dogs available for adoption.   The fact that you, a breeder, are willing to list that information on your web page is a testament to your character and your dedication and love of dogs.
Ruby just turned a year old this month, so I have attached a couple recent photos of her! ( We are building a house, so as you can see in the pictures, she has been having TOO much fun playing in the dirt.)
Julie Parker


Hello DBT!  I wanted to send you some pictures of Bauer.  He is doing great.  He got neutered a few weeks ago and recovered well.  He looked so cute with the cone on!   We are starting training classes next week, and look forward to them.  We have already taught him to sit, stay, and lay down!  He is so smart!  Enjoy the pix! 


Just wondering if there is anything we need to do before he is six months? or after six months?


Thank you

Laura Wilson









Hello DBT,

We just wanted to send you a picture of our little Rocco. He is 4-1/2 months old now and he was known by you as "Snickers" from Rita Mae Day and Braveheart. We just wanted to let you know he is very well loved and fits into our family perfectly!! Thank you for such a beautiful and loving dog. He is so sweet and loves giving kisses and being in our lap! Which is exactly what we wanted.... A lap dog!

We hope all is well with you and yours, Take care!

Gregg and Christina
Elk Grove, CA






Here are pictures of Toby Hamilton at 2 months and 7 months old. He is
a wonderful puppy and is a great addition to our family. He has
finished obedience class and a clicker training class and we are now
enrolled in agility. He is having a great time. Toby is all black/white
except for a little spot of brindle behind his left ear. Toby was
neutered at 6 months and weighs 13.5 lbs and is about 13-14" tall. We
love his size and get tons of compliments on how cute and well behaved
he is. We love Toby so much! Will you let me know how the other puppies
from his litter are doing, we would love to see pictures of his
brothers and sisters.
Hope all is well on your end, Let me know if you want us to send more
pictures or anything else.
Jessica, Harry & Toby





Hiya DBT,

Long time! So, Emmi came through her spay with flying colors. What
a relief to have that over with, one always worries. She weighs a
bit over 20 lbs. at 7 months! We must be doing something right,
huh? She is extremely athletic so it's not fat, all muscle. She
jumps so high and can catch her soft frisbee. She continues to be an
absolute delight. She is so smart and so sweet. We are enrolled in
obedience classes now and are sure she will be a star.

Here are two recent photos of her, one with her outside kitty and one
in her little sweater.

:)Martha and Bill

ps isn't she beautiful???











Hi DBT, hope you are doing good, my name is Tim Galica. Jackie and I got "Jack" from day boston terriers about 2 months ago so he is about 4 months old now. We had a few questions for you but first off I just wanted to start out by telling you how great our puppy is. We did some research when we were looking for a puppy and when we came across your kennel we knew we were going to get a good dog but he has exceeded our expectations in every way. He is the most outgoing funnest dog to be around, not to mention the cutest thing ever. I have lots of friends who have puppies the same age as him and he is so much friendlier, smarter, and outgoing. He loves to go to the parks and run or play (now that he finally has all his shots) with anyone or any animal he is around. He is very hyper but also will calm down when you want him to which is perfect for us. He is definitely the smartest dog i have ever owned i can teach him tricks in literally about 10 min. So thank you for the perfect dog.

So my question is he seems to love other dogs more then anything so we were thinking it would be great for him to have a playmate. He is alone sometimes since we obviously can not be there all the time so we are considering getting another dog from you but we wanted to know if that is the best thing for our dog. Basically do Boston's like to have another dog in the house or do they like to be the only one so they get all the attention? Also, we got a male dog so would it be better to get another male for him, or a female? Finally, is the price the same for the second dog, still $1,000.

Well thanks again, hope to hear from you soon.


Tim and Jackie




Dear DBT


Thank you very much for bringing Jasmine in my life, she was born from Butterfly’s and Pepito Litter in February. Jasmine is Now 7 months and is always playful with people and her toys, My family and friends and everyone that comes into contact just adores her.

She almost dares you not to laugh when she is playing, because she is all about snuggling, playing and laying out in the sun in the backyard while maintaining a gentle disposition.


My family and myself I have owned dogs for most of my life and been happy with all the dogs, but Jasmine has exceeded all expectations and by far the best dog I have every owned. I’m saving up some money and maybe within the next year I will be looking towards adopting another Boston from you. I attached some recent pictures.


Thank you again,


James Gipson




Hi Everyone!


Last January, I adopted "Paul" from Chiquita's and Freckles' litter born on 11/7/05.  We've changed his name to Sancho.  He was originally a birthday gift for my fiancé, but he's stolen my heart and he has become my shadow, following me everywhere and accompanying me on my daily routine whenever possible.   I just wanted to thank you for creating such a wonderful, loving dog.  He is truly the best, IMHO.  Everyone comments on how good-looking and well-behaved he is and we rave about the Bostons you produce. 

Here are some pics for you - he's so big now!  He's definitely on his way to outgrowing his daddy, weighing in at 20 pounds the last time we took him to the vet (at 8 months old).  Those eyes will melt your heart - what a handsome boy!  Keep up the good work.


Thanks and best wishes,

Dawniell Fareria 




Sorry to email you at this address but we've moved and when I left my old
job your other email address was left behind.

ANYWAY...here are another couple pictures of our Chloe. She's a new
resident of the city of San Francisco. While she misses her little sleepy
town of Santa Barbara, she's here in the city making new friends and having
a ball. There's a park down the street where she likes to play tug of war
with the big dogs. She's been on her first camping trip up in Marin County
- and she was an expert camper right away. She loved it!

A little over 2 years after picking her up at Day Boston Terriers, Chloe is
still the pride and joy of our household. We couldn't imagine life without
our daughter. :-)

Hope all is well.

Wayne Alvarez





These have been way over due, but we finally got a digital camera.
This is Brooklyn she is having her first birthday on this Wednesday. So
that means it's been about 10 months since we picked her up from you.
You are doing an amazing job breeding these Bostons. If all your
bostons are half as smart, sweet, and well behaved as Brooklyn then I
want 10 more. She has been nothing short of a blessing to my wife and
I. We can't stop kissing her, the poor thing is in a constant
tug-of-war. She has grown to be a fine young lady with the best
personality a dog owner could ask for. I'm going to brag for a minute
At home she's either on the couch with us actively WATCHING tv, or
playing her favorite game "fetch the blue ball". With a nap in between
of course. As a matter of fact we're in the middle of a game now, I
think she's jealous of the computer. But her all time favorite is the
dog park we have only a mile from our home. That's where I took these
pics yesterday. If she looks funny it's because it was hot, so I got
her wet. I can't tell you how much she loves animals, people are always
commenting on how well she plays with other dogs, and can't believe the
little spit fire in her when she's being bullied. She 's a lover
alright, but when she needs to be, the terrier comes out to let
everybody know she's not the one to be backing down. People always ask
me where I got her, so I wouldn't be surprised if you're getting calls
or visits from my neighborhood. Oh and don't you know we ran into a
half sister of hers at our park. Yup, Marley is her name and she's 2
months older than Brooklyn I believe. They have the same dad.
Ok so now that I've talked you to death I'll end with saying this.
We are in love with her and couldn't be happier. Thank you for taking
the time to care for these dogs and breed them properly. I've met lots
of Bostons and none of them compare to yours.

I'll continue to keep sending pics and little stories of our adventures
as our family continues to grow, until then take care and thank you.

The Morris Family



Bill and I wanted to tell you how happy we are with Emrys. She is not only a great dog, but she is the perfect breed for us.

She is smart and trainable (as long as we are willing to do our part!). She is quiet, yet energetic. She is affectionate and, as

I've said before, a gentle spirit. When she approves of something a lot (say a toy or a treat or a flower she's picked) she snorts so cutely.

She has a move we call "stinkbug" which I'm sure you know because you have Bostons: she puts her head down looking toward her back feet,

bottom in the air and looks so sweetly up at us before she completely tips over in a somersault. The stinkbug can be held for quite a long

time depending on what started it. It can also be repeated as often as necessary!

I think it is very interesting that you'd named her Amy - the name we chose didn't seem similar at all until it morphed to Emmi. I

believe we were meant to be, Emmi and Martha and Bill! So, we thank you for our girl. The Boston is a perfect match for us,

her genes shine through in everything she does and is, and the training you and your family (including her mother and all those

doggie aunts and cousins) began has given us the dog we'd dreamed of. We looked long and hard for just the right Boston. She was

worth the long hours of searching, the wait and the long drive to pick her up, too! Thank you again!

Martha and Bill and Emmi

ps you are right - it does take 20 photos to get one good one! Who knew!?



Dear DBT,


We just wanted to let you know how wonderful our sweet little Sadie (formerly Katie) is!  She has such a super disposition and she just couldn't be any cuter!  She has settled into our family very nicely and everyone loves her.  She really enjoys playing with our other dog, Cali, who is about ten times bigger than she is.  Cali really loves her too and is so gentle with her.


Thank you so much for everything.  Your Bostons are truly the best around and we have already recommended you to other potential customers.


Sadie is about 3 months now and 8 1/2 pounds.  She is very happy and healthy.  Here are some updated pictures for you.




Josh, Jody, and Lauren Reed


Hi DBT & Family,

Here's 4 pictures of Chloe Maggie Mae Wells (aka: Bunnie - DOB: 11/22/05; Monte & Murphy). She is the light of our lives & we're so

thankful she's our girl! The two pictures dated May 23rd were taken just a couple of days before we had her spayed, romping, playing and

soakin' up the mornin' sun in Mommy's recliner! She was such a great patient! No problems what so ever! Everyone at our Vet's office just

love her, she likes going there to see everyone, I drop by just so she can visit :-) The other photo taken Friday June 23rd was the day

after her 7th month birthday. We're retiring from motorcycles and have bought a hot rod just so Chloe can go everywhere with us. She loves her car and going bye-bye. I've attached a photo of her, her car and Daddy (Scott) as well.

She is a wonderful addition to our little family and thank you for offering her! Life is back to normal after loosing our last little girl of 18 years. If we could have 2 pups, we would have another Boston Terrier. They are wonderful little creatures of love and happiness!

Best Wishes & Peace.

Kathy Wells



Hello DBT,

I haven't checked in with you for a while, and I hope you are doing  well. I saw on your website that you had a vacation, hope it was

great! Penny is doing wonderful, we could not have asked for a better girl!! I created

a photo album on Kodak Gallery, and just sent it to you. She was so little when we got her, about 2.5pounds. She's much bigger now, and is

about 10 pounds!!  I also wanted to let you know that she has also received her spay

operation. Surprisingly, she is not even effected by the whole thing, she's been trying to play, and overall seems to be in perfect

condition. We are definitely going to take it easy with her, and hope she gets better soon.

Here's a picture of our little patient...Do we need to send you anything?

Let me know, and I will talk to you soon.

Warm Regards,  Patricia & Daniel


Hello DBT!


I don't know if you remember us, but we got our wonderful Boston Terrier from you just about 2 years ago.  He was named Hank then - we re-named him Oliver.   His parents are Maggie Mo and Brindle Bones.


He turns two years old this July - and he is the best dog we ever could have imagined!  He has been a wonderful addition to our family - our daughters adore him, he has the sweetest, most loving nature, and is LOTS of fun.  He has been extremely healthy - and he gets lots of walks, trips to the beach (we live only 4 blocks away), and has many dog friends on our street that he plays with!


Our family has decided we would like to get another Boston Terrier this summer, and of course we would only do it with a Day Boston Terrier puppy.  We have looked at the puppies currently available - and we love both Lila and Missy.


We wanted to touch base with you about process - should we fill out the application form again?  And how much do the female puppies cost - and what would we need to put down as a down payment?


Thanks so much for the info - and we are so excited about getting another puppy from you!


Julia and Michael W.



I just wanted to send you an email to tell you just how happy I am with Roxy (formerly Trixie).  She is very affectionate and playful... and so bright!  The day after we brought her home she was using the doggy door.  At just 13 weeks she already knows "sit" and will go out the doggy door on her own in the morning when I tell her to go outside to go potty.  She still loves twigs and dried up leaves (if you recall, she pulled up one of your plants the day I came to pick her up).  Everyone who has met her has fallen in love with her.  Spike (our 8 year old Pug) didn't really know what to make of her at first.  Roxy was so full of energy, jumping on him and biting him playfully.  It took him a while to get used to her, but they are definitely friends now. Just this weekend he was chasing her around the house in circles. The other night after coming back from dinner we found that Roxy had managed to get out of my bedroom and was asleep on the bed in another room right next to Spike.   She is a wonderful addition to our family.  I have attached a few photos of her for you.  She has doubled in size since the first vet visit.  I forgot how quickly they grow up.  Thank you for your help finding the perfect puppy.

All the best,

Becky and Roxy




We've arrived home in Arizona with our little Emmie and she is 

everything we hoped for.  She has the most beautiful temperament, she 

is sweet, playful, and oh so smart.  She is the dog we were waiting for!


At 10 weeks (2 weeks after we got home) she was already going to the 

door to go out - not necessarily to go potty, but because she loves 

the yard.  But, you know, one thing leads to another and the learning 

to sit by the door or bark by the door to potty followed right 

after.  Quite amazing, isn't it!  She is a tender spirit, as you said 

her mother Daisy Mae is, and we are thrilled to have her in our family.


I am attaching a couple of photos of her, one in her blankie during 

breakfast preparation and one in the greenhouse door where the early 

morning sun is the best.


Thank you for our precious baby dog,


Martha and Bill



Hi DBT and DBT,


Attached are three pics of Bosco/Paulie at home and on the way home.


We had a lovely visit with you all and had a safe journey home. He slept all of the way home.


Yes...we named him Bosco. His name means Forest in Italian in case you were wondering.


He is such a sweet puppy. He already knows the patio door is where he goes to be let in the house after his potty breaks. He also knows right where his food and water bowls are in the kitchen.


He follows us all around the house and he likes to play chase with us.


He is well loved here!


We will keep in touch. Thanks for raising such a good wwwpuppy for us.


Richard, Shelley, Courtney, Chelsea & Dan




I just wanted to let you know that Uncle Bob (Lucy/Joey) is fast approaching

his one year birthday on Cinco de Mayo, and he is doing great! My husband

just goes on and on on how he is such the perfect dog for us! Draco the

German Shepherd and him are best buddies still (he also loves our lab, and

vice versa) and the two wrestle and play all the time! They are quite

entertaining to watch. Santina's puppy Stella and him play together and

certainly get along great (after all, it is his sister!) BTW, Stella looks

awesome!! I saw her yesterday- she is almost 18 pounds now and is just the

sweetheart! Uncle Bob and her are starting obedience class together next

week, so that should be fun! I'll get a picture of both of them together to

send to you.

I just wanted to let you know, that despite what we've discussed and gotten

into a conflict previously, that you are my #1 person to refer anyone who

wants a BT. You show the love and concern that any breeder should be proud

of. Stella and Uncle Bob are fine representations of what BT's should be-

our vet can't be more thrilled with the both of them. Everyone loves them

and says how beautiful they are with awesome personalities.

I hope you and your daughter are doing well. :-)


Susan Hutson




Here are a few photos of Little Bit and Joey's "Tammi", whom we lovingly renamed "Blitz". She is just 6 months old now and growing to be quite an energetic and playful little lady. She's about 12 pounds and petite and we're not sure she's going to get much bigger than she is now. Her favorite toys are still the squeeky ones, and she loves her backyard with lots of room to play. She's the world's greatest snuggler and has been nothing but a funny and silly friend and companion. She really is a member of our family...and not our "family pet".

Every time we take her out people always rave about how beautiful she is and we give them your web address! We couldn't be any happier with our little girl.

Thank you so much!!!

Trisha Dasch, Jess Catala and Blitz



Hello All,

It's me Kuba (aka Teddy).... Just wanted to thank you for letting my go home with such wonderful people. I have had a great time exploring my new place, and am getting pretty good, at going potty in my special spot inside (and learning what great treats I get if I wait to go outside). Oh, I also got to meet my vet doctor for the first time, and he said everything looks good. One more set of shots, and Mom promised I will get to go play with other dogs outside! I can't wait. Until then Mommy lets me go with her friend and visit people at a retirement home, and you wouldn't believe how happy they are to see me. (I try not to let it go to my head to much, after all boy could get vain with so much attention.) Anyway, just thought you would want to know that I'm happy, and healthy. By the way, mom has attached a copy of the results from the vet for you.....

Thanks Again!




Just wanted to let you know how we love our little guy Vinny (Norman). He has been the perfect addition to our family. He is such a cuddle bug. And he loves to play.

He even gets along well with our cat Walter. So just want to thank you for breeding such a wonderful little pup. I will sent pictures soon. He is healthy and growing so fast.


Thank You,

Lori and Mark


Dear DBT,

I wanted to give you an update on how marvelous Belle is doing. While it was my husbands idea about getting a dog and I was leery of the whole idea from the start. I cannot tell you what a difference this wonderful pup as made in our lives. She is just over a year now and the vet thinks she is done growing at 16 pounds. This may sound corny but I think this little pup has brought my husband and I closer. We now take time for each other and her by planned long walks, hiking trips and even camping! ME the ultra city girl camping! I've always been a cat person, but after Belle I am all dog person now. It took a couple of weeks to really get her potty trained but other then that everything has been easy, wonderful and truly a great experience in raising her. If you recall, we were referred to you by two different  Day Boston Terrier owners in LA. We ran into one of them at the beach a couple of weeks ago and ended up spending 2 hours walking an talking about our dogs and that we just cannot understand why anyone would want any other breed or a Boston from anyone but DBT. I know.. I know were partial but its true also. We have other Boston's since getting Belle and they were nowhere as sweet, calm and in our eyes gorgeous like Belle. Thank you again for the amazing dog. I will send pics soon!

Sincere Nicky and Joel and Belle




How are you? I just wanted to give you an update with my little guy, Toby. He's doing wonderful and is such a sweetheart. Everyone that meets Toby falls in love with him. 

Toby went to the dr. to get neutered last Thursday. He's recovering fine. He was a little sad the first day or two because he had to wear the e-collar (plastic cone) but he's fine. 

All in all he's been wonderful. Smart little guy. He's picked up on the potty training fine, he learned how to walk on a leash pretty quick. He's gentle but will get rowdy if you want to play. I couldn't be happier with him. And he loves to cuddle. 

I haven't taken any recent pictures, but will soon. He's growing so fast and his features change. He looks more like a young adult Boston Terrier, then a puppy. He's very handsome though and when I take him out for walks or socialize him, he gets a lot of compliments. I'll forward some pics of him soon. 


p.s. I know you probably get a lot of replies from different people and hopefully you remember us. I was the one who was going to get Larry, but he was really active. You suggested Toby and that's the one I brought home. (Dixie and Ricky are his mom & dad)



Take care,





I received your message inquiring about how Max & Dutch are doing. I figured I would email you so I could send you some pictures. Max & Dutch are doing great! We just moved into a new apartment in December and they love it! There are lots of other doggies on our block, and there is even another BT across the street. They just love going for long walks, I think because every time we go out people have to meet them, and they just love the attention! Every month they go to a Boston Terrier meetup at the Silverlake Dog Park. It's a lot of fun! They have been through basic training last summer, but we're going to put them in another training class that introduces agility. I think Max will especially like that. He just loves to try new things. It's so funny how different their personalities are. I would say that Max turned out to be the dominate one of the two. Dutch is too laid back for that. They are both so sweet, and they love each other so much! They are so smart, friendly, and loving...we couldn't imagine life without them!

I saw that Daisy Mae just had new puppies!

Congratulations! Max & Dutch have some new brothers and sisters!

Hope everything is well with you and your family!

Thanks again for two amazing pups!

Anne-Marie & Mat



Hi there,

My name is Michelle and I am a veterinarian in the bay area.  I have had the pleasure of seeing two of your newly adopted puppies in the last 6-10 months.  I have met "Mugsy" and "Daisy".    I am really in love with the breed and I love the look and especially the temperaments of your dogs....not to mention they have all been very healthy!   It has been a joy watching Mugsy and Daisy grow up and they are always so much fun to be around.  I have been checking in with your website fairly regularly and I like what you do for your dogs and for your pups. It is obvious they are well loved and cared for by what I have read and the pictures I have seen. It seems like the things that are important to me are the things that are important to you.  I like that your dogs are all indoor pets and that you breed for good tempered, family dogs.  I also like the fact that your dogs do not have a particularly flat face, that most of them have longer muzzles. 


We have been thinking of bringing in a puppy to our family for a while now, but over the last few months,  my 12 year dog "Sophia" developed some medical issues that required my full attention.  It wouldn't have been fair to bring a pup in during that time.  Unfortunately, we lost Sophia on Jan 26th and have been lost without her and without the presence of a dog in our family.  We miss her a lot!    We have two daughters, 3 1/2 and 9 years old.  Our youngest was especially attached to Sophia, adores dogs in general, and is very gentle around dogs.  We do not have any cats.   We would love to have a new Boston puppy to join our family. 


I have never purchased a purebred dog from a breeder before so this is all new to me.  I have been going back and forth over the issue because I know first hand how many good dogs are out there in shelters and foster homes that need good homes.   I have rescued my 3 dogs over my lifetime, one being a Brittany mix, one an English Springer, and the last one, "Sophia" was a lab/shepherd mix.  I know these breeds are all far from close to being a Boston, but at this point in my life, I am wanting to pick a breed that is appealing to us and I would like a smaller dog that is easier to have with me all the time at home, at work, wherever.  I like the Boston for their spunky personality, their playfullness, their size, and their sweet, loving demeanors, especially with kids.   I have also checked with some Boston rescue websites, but all of the dogs I have found say they are not good with kids and they are older.  I am ready to get a younger puppy and raise her with our family and I have picked the Boston because I think as a breed, it is a good match for our family and our lifestyle.   We are an active family, I work 4 days a week, my husband works 5 days a week,  but we have a pretty regular daily routine and are home quite a bit outside of work.   We enjoy going to the park regularly with our girls, we have a vacation home in Twain Harte that we try to get to as often as we can, and our oldest daughter plays sports on the weekends.  We have a home in a nice neighborhood with a secure backyard and side yard.  I think a Boston would be a great companion at home with us and to do the things we like to do.  I would want a female on the smaller side like your "Sammie" or "Boobie Baby".  I like the full black mask around both eyes, a face similar to Daisy or Sammie.  Our neighbor two doors down has a male Boston named Raleigh. 


I have seen the pups on your website that are available now but most of them are males or have a lot more white on their face than I think we would prefer.  I would be interested in some upcoming litters you may have and would be willing to put a deposit down to hold a spot.  We would provide a very loving, warm  and fun home for our new little baby and are very excited to have her one day soon. Thanks so much for your time.  Looking forward to talking with you. 



Michelle, DVM



How are you doing?  I have been meaning to write and have been putting it off so I could get a good picture of Abby to send.  I do have some, just haven't transferred them into my computer yet. I will soon.  She is doing fabulous!  She had a microchip put in last week:  Home Again #481 111 3A0F. For your records.  She is fully vaccinated and will be spayed on 8/9/06 by a boarded surgeon.  I am taking her next week to have her eyes checked by my ophto friend.  She seems perfectly healthy.  She is such a little smartie, already sits, stays, and is able to be loose in the house now (as long as I stay on top of her potty schedule).  She starts her first class tonight (puppy preschool) but I have a feeling she is going to be ahead of the game.  She is enjoying dog parks and puppy daycare fully as well as her canine buddies at my work who she wrestles with daily at lunch time.  She is underfoot write now as I type with my boss's dog and a coworkers dog.  She has her own monogrammed booster seat in the car for riding around with us and is so used to going everywhere with me.  She is the best little companion!!!! I/ We just love her so much


Michelle, DVM



Lee and I are very excited to learn how Alice is doing.  I thought this might be her last litter so we are very glad we got on the list for our little boy.

Zoey is doing great.  We are working with a private trainer right now and you would be SOOOOO proud of our little girl.  She is a fast learner.  Yesterday we started "heel" for the first time, and you would have thought she had been doing it all her life.  Plus our buddies with their dogs were there, so Zoey was heeling picture perfect in the middle of 4 other dogs -- one of which is her absolute best buddy in the whole world.  Sheila, our trainer and a FABULOUS dog person, said, "This dog will jump through a fire hoop for you.  She is so smart." 

It's so funny to see her "working" when she has that sweet, little cutie face at the same time.  We are working with the trainer now so that when we get Zek, he will learn all sorts of positive things from what his big sister does.

Any update you can provide on Alice's litter most appreciated!  Thanks!

Pam, Lee and Little Z


Dear DBT,


We wanted to let you know that Sissy is doing awesome! We are so glad we found you and your Boston's. Sissy is now almost two years old and her spirit, intelligence and all around attitude about life brings such joy into our lives. We can hardly remember what it was like to not have her. We see other Boston at the dog park alot and honestly very few compare to her sweet mellow pretty face. Thanks again DBT and family!

Sincerely, Katie A.




Thank you so much for our wonderful little puppy. My name is Kelley

Centeno, I drove up from Los Angeles with my friend and her boston terrier

Ema. My husband, kids and I love our little puppy so much. He is such a

great puppy and he is very healthy. We had him checked out by the vet the

first week. He's going back this weekend for his fourth set of shots. I

will send pictures when I get around to downloading them

Thank you Kelley C.



    I just wanted to send you a pic of Bo and let you know that he is doing awesome. He's such an amazing dog. He is so smart. Whenever we take him places everyone compliments him on his perfect markings and looks. They call him handsome. Thanks again for all your help and advice. I always recommend you to people who are interested in Boston Terriers. Take care and have a Happy New Year.


Jenn B.



My wife and I highly recommend taking a trip out to Day Boston in Coulterville if you're thinking about getting a Boston Terrier puppy. DBT has a large piece of property and all of the amenities a young pup could ask for... from indoor heaters to them warm to a large yard where the pups can roam and play w/ the other puppies and cats that DBT has.

There's little doubt that DBT's concern is about the health and well-being of the pups themselves... our puppy (Lucy) was microchipped and the parents were screened clean  for some genetic problems occasionally found in Bostons. We picked up Lucy when she was just a shade over 8 weeks and we were impressed at how well-behaved and how quickly she became fully house trained (about 2 weeks after taking her home). Lucy's a bundle of joy and after only 3 weeks, we can't imagine our lives w/out her.

Kudos also to DBT's daughter who gave Lucy a bath when we arrived... she was very caring and helpful.


Alamo, Ca


Hello DBT,

I wanted to let you know how Jeb is doing. He is awesome! I forgot just much work puppies are, but in this case its worth every second of it! It's been over 20 years since I had a puppy, but the shear joy this little guy has brought is immeasurable. Ever since Mike died, a little part of me died everyday. Now I feel like I am living again and have a reason to wake every morning. Im not sure how I lived this long without a dog, but perhaps it was ment to be so I would have the gift of having sweet Jeb. How is Molly doing? I always wonder if she misses her pups. Thanks again for the wonderful puppy and I look forward to getting a second one when he grows a bit! I will send photo's by mail soon!


P.S I saw the Lady who referred to me to you the other day and was thrilled to tell her about my Jeb! She said she recently got on your wait list again for her second dog. Turns out she lives down the street from me and we are going to start walking together once Jeb is old enough. So thank you again, I made a new human friend in the process!


Sincere thanks, Beverly



Just a note to let you know that Christmas (George) is settling in very well at home. He did great in the car on the way home. He has been eating well, playing and of course, sleeping a lot - I've found he loves sleeping with a blanket over him. Neighbors and family have already come to meet him and he is friendly to all and gives kisses to everyone! He slept very well last night with minimal whining and only woke up once to go poop (a little whining was a good cue). I had him sleep in his crate (I bought a bigger one) because he was climbing out of everything else, but he was actually content in the crate next to my bed. He has been such a champ about going potty on the newspaper.  He had fun with the vet this morning who said he looked very healthy and really did not have any concerns. (Do you need me to send you a copy of the reciept as proof for your records?)

Thank you so much DBT, for giving me such a wonderful, beautiful furry friend. He is the perfect companion for me - I truly couldn't be happier. I know we will have lots of fun for years to come. Thank you, also, for all of your help and guidance through this process - it means the world to me.

Happiest New Years Wishes to you and DBT - George and I will be sure to be in touch soon.

Take Care,



Dear DBT and DBT,

I am writing to give you an update on our sweet beautiful puppy, Ruby. Ruby

has been a member of our family for about 4 weeks, and we have LOVED every

second of it. It seems like so long ago since we met her in the parking lot

of Chili's, and now I wonder, everyday, how I ever lived without her. She

is the sweetest, most loving, smartest puppy, in my non-biased opinion! I

have attached a few pictures of her so you can see how big and beautiful she

is getting! (She gained 2.3lbs in two weeks according to the vets scale.


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to have her in our home. I will

send more pictures as she grows!


Julie  & Scott  & Emily

P.S. - We still show her picture of her parents Dixie and Ricky and her

brother Larry on the computer so she won't forget her first family.


Hello DBT.


It’s been a while since we sent you an update but wanted to let you know how Chloe is doing (she went by the name of Tootsie while at Day Boston Terriers).  She is still the pride and joy of our household.  She is almost two years old (born Feb 23 2004) and we’ve had her for a year and a half now – and wouldn’t give them back for the world.  Chloe is very affectionate, so well behaved, and is a joy to come home to each night after work.  Even as she approaches two, she celebrates each evening’s return with laps around the sofa and a run half way up there stairs where, through the banister (to be at our height), she pokes her head through for some “welcome home” doggy kisses.  That is followed by a long walk and some playtime with her favorite toys – an old, green stuffed monkey (that she refuses to let us replace) and a squeaky ice cream toy.


Chloe is getting ready for a second holiday season with extended family.  Her “cousins,” Hailey & Connor (both 6), Sean (4), and Aidan (1), all love her and are always talking about how they want a “Chloe dog” when they grow up!  J


I have attached an updated picture of our darling.  It will serve as this year’s Christmas card.  I hope all is well and thank you again for Chloe.  We can’t imagine life without her. 


Take care,

Wayne & Brent



Dear DBT and family,

Just a little note to say hello and hope you and your family are fine. We are just fine and Molly Belle is doing great. She is such a joy and we love her dearly. I have enclosed a couple of pictures, and a copy of Molly Belle's spayed certificate.

We think that Molly resembles Joey as far as her size and body shape. She weighed 17 pounds when she was spayed. Molly is very active, and has a little mischievous side to her also. For the most part Molly is a very busy little puppy. She loves to play and chew on her chew toys. She likes to go outside and explore, but she is always the first one back inside. Both Lacy and Buster our other Boston's get along good with Molly. She has been good for both of them, because they are more active now.

Molly is attached to both of us, she sticks close to Buddy when i'm at work. But she is at the door to greet me when I come home and follows me everywhere. Molly is like my little shadow when I am cooking, cleaning ect.  Molly likes to be near us, either by touching, or sitting on one of our laps.

We have an RV trailer, and all of our dogs go with us when take a trip. Molly Belle adapted to that real well also. She is a good rider in our vehicles, and usually falls asleep after she has checked everything out.

DBT you have taken so much pride in the breeding and care of your Boston's. We were very impressed, when we came to your place to pick up Molly Belle. If we ever do decide to purchase another puppy, we will definitely call you. Thank you so much for our Molly Belle she has given us so much love and has brightened our lives.

Tell your children hello from Buddy and Diane and Molly Belle. Your children were so polite and friendly to us, they made us feel we had known them for years. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. We hope to see you all again some time.


Sincerely, Diane and Buddy



Just a quick note to let you know that things continue to go well with our little Daisy puppy ("Maggie" - from the Freckles & Lily litter).  She's the bright spot in our lives and has totally taken over our house with all her toys!  She's happy and healthy!  She has grown so much already!  I will send you pictures as soon as Chuck downloads them.  She uses her doggie door really well and hardly ever potties in the house now.  She loves her crate and voluntarily goes into it every night.  She has fun with our kitties - they play/chase each other around the house - so everyone is getting their exercise.
We simply adore our puppy. She's so smart, funny and cute!  Can't wait to take her out in public (after she's had all her shots, of course!).  We are training her on the leash and she understands some simple commands (well, sort of!).  We do short practice sessions with her and she'll get there!
Thanks again for breeding such a wonderful dog!  We love her!  Happy Thanksgiving!
Sincerely,  Carol