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Meet our wonderful fur people, all of the shown dogs are not for sale unless otherwise listed.

Each of Day Boston Terrier adult dogs are beloved family indoor house pets.  We feel their first and foremost job in life is to be truly wonderful family members and then secondly to be possible breeding dogs.  We also feel strongly that each and every dog should enjoy the mothering experience and should not be over bred or be tied down with puppies for her entire life. While many breeders will continue to breed a dog until they are 6 to 7 years old. We retire them at 4 or so, and in some cases much sooner if she doesn't truly enjoy being a mom or has trouble taking excellent care of her puppies. A happy mom makes  happy balanced puppies.

We take great pride and efforts in selecting possible breeding dogs that pass all of their health certifications, health exams, disposition and personality screenings. Unlike many breeders, we have a zero tolerance level regarding the health, mind and body. Every dog MUST be 100% in all areas or we simply do not breed them. . This is a never ending ongoing process, we try and update the web site with these processes as we complete them. If any given dog passes all of these tests they then become a potential Day Boston Terrier breeding dog, that later may be offered to a qualified foster home or even better yet stay on our doggy ranch. Either way be rest assured that by selecting one our breeding dogs to be the parent to your future puppy child is the very best in The Boston Terrier Companion World and in some cases in a excellent show or agility dog! We are currently working on getting our all of our dogs CGC Certified ( Akc Canine Good Citizen award for excellent Obedience training).  We plan to show some of our dogs in conformation classes and many of our puppies owners have a ton of fun with showing our pups and competing in agility.

We take great pride in knowing that our adult dogs are utterly spoiled rotten and loving every second of it whether they live in our home or their wonderful foster homes.

We are also proud that we have formed great partnerships with other long life dedicated Boston Terrier lovers that helps provide more available quality family companions. If you are interested in a visit to our home and wish to meet one of the dogs that are in foster homes, we are more then happy to arrange for them to come home to meet you by appointments with enough advance notice.

Health testing Explained

While no breeder can claim to be impervious to recessive health issues there are some steps a great breeder take that can reduce the chances of their offspring coming down with some of the known health issues a Boston terrier can have. Most genetic health problems are recessive, meaning that the parent(s) must carry either two recessive genes for it, or one dominant gene (a dominant gene would cause the dog to HAVE the issue, in which case they wouldn't be bred). What this implies for offspring is that both parents must contribute a defective gene in order for the puppy to have symptoms.

The first step to any quality breeding program is have a full testing regime covering the top issues the Bostons of today could or can have. The number #1 health problem with all small breeds is Patellar Luxation. This is basically when the back knee ligaments cannot support the knee thereby the knee slips and can cause great pain to the dog, resulting in a huge expense for vet bills to repair the problem. There are varied stages of luxation, but all in all its a sad & painful thing for any dog to experience. Second most common health problem for this breed is Juvenile Cataracts, giving them cataracts before the age of 2 years old typically. Both of these problems are USUALLY genetic, but sometimes they are due to other influences, such as an injury.

We as breeders are committed to have each of our adult dogs tested by our vet and vet specialists  to be certain they themselves do not have these issues. After each adult is tested we sometimes elect to register the results on www.offa.org. This organization is a public non-profit organization that charges us a fee per dog to helps maintain a data base of all know hereditary diseases with all breeds of dogs. This is a voluntary and expensive act on our part to help participate in the ongoing canine studies. Whether we register a dog with OFA or not , ALL of OUR dogs have vet checked "Normal" Patellar and have been tested " Normal" CERF and BAER before being bred. Documents are available for all to view upon request when visiting our home. We hope to have all of dogs on OFA with all three tests, BAER, CERF and Patellar, as our finances allow.

There is more information on genetic defects under our About Us page.


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 Pebbles Akc ~ Ckc Registered

16 Pounds, CERF & BAER & Patellar  Certified All "Normal"






Elvis Day ~ Akc & Ckc Registered

16 Pounds, BAER OFA, CERF & Patellar Tested All "Normal" Certified.








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