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Hello! From Day Boston Terriers,

We will do our very best to educate
and present to you, our Day Boston Terriers (DBTs).
We are truly dedicated to the most wonderful dog
breed that we refer to as "Our Other kids".
Hank and his lil Sis

DBT has been breeding for a very long time,
and we are proud of the dogs that have been
produced from our efforts...

DBT are an exclusive reputable Boston Terrier family,
and at times there may be a waitlist, however, we
sometimes have enough to go around.

the first step is an application which is mainly used
as a communication point and prelude to a call, in
which the entirety of our adoption process is
explained in detail.

We have been praised as having the best customer
support and can help in your decision to add a new
family member from our Multi-Generational breeding

Due to the fact we haven't advertised in over
! ten years !,
and also that our return customer rate is
approximately 85%, (Yes! some people cant just have
one, two, or three!!) we are fortunate enough that our
program of home-raised dogs/puppies is fully
recommended by our adoptive families/individuals.

pierre day
We strive to be available at anytime for
support in your journey with your new puppy
or as it was stated "another puppy addition".

On the horizon, Instagram reopening as well as Twitter
we have acquired a 3 letter domain
name which is "" we will be launching a
completely new web prescence
and Yes
we do Frenchtons!!!


Please call for availability and deposit /screening process.

UPDATED:: August 28th, 2019 --- 04:20AM
**pages being updated
"Available Puppies" page Updated and vids added to tube
YouTube Channel updated - Litter videos


Current Litter/s:

Pee-wee/Gerard -their last one

Flower's 1st/ Peter Rabbit
Khaleesi / Spanky

NOTE : eMail is rerouted
Return Email is from:
is the correct sending address,
you will receive a response from

please check your SPAM/Junk mail
folders, in the very near future the domain
portion will be coming from

When adding us to your facebook please send a message
to let us know if your a current DBT dog owner and what
year you got your dog.



We are recovering from

"Puppy Frenzy"

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