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Pee Wee Day

Pee Wee is out of Nala, is Third generation of Born to be Mommies... truely wonderful dog... like her mother, is healthy, outgoing, loves to be a companion. Has a very animated personality.

While all of Day Boston Terriers are hand picked to fit a certain criteria, PeeWee has as internal drive to be a Mother, a Nanny, even has been a wet nurse. She is very affectionate and obedient Her only real vice is loving cat food. Selective breeding from this line. She has atken on other pups and was a surrogate Mom to a litter of orphaned kittens.

She was opted to be a replacement for her mother when she retired.

Like her mother and father, She is proof that breeding a healthy and gorgeous dog CAN be accomplished in time without inbreeding or line breeding.

More pics coming soon


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About PeeWee

Color: Brindle & White
Age: 2+ Years Old
Size: 17 Pounds, 15" at Shoulder , refined and Athletic
Personality: Current Matriarch , Playful, Affectionate and Very Sweet
Registrations: Akc, Ckc
Favorite Toys: Born to be a Mom has surrogate to kittens and rabbits, loves tobe involved and is a HAM,,, loves toys, treats


Pee Wee Day's Family Tree ~ Coming Soon!

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