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Tootie Day

Tootie comes from a three generations of truely wonderful dogs... healthy, stoic, highly intelligent, athletic, playful and affectionate.

While all of Day Boston Terriers serve as the bright light in their human's life. Tootie comes from an intentional accumlation of genes of 7 years of exact selective breeding.

Sure, she could win the hearts of judges in a showring, but she, like her relatives, were brought into this world as the utmost superior companion and best friend. Tootie can be at home , whether it's in show, competing in agility or being the best lap dog ever she could acomplish it all.

We hope to show her and prove to the show world that a goregous dog CAN be accomplished in time without inbreeding or line breeding.

About Tootie

Color: Golden Tiger Brindle & White
Age: 20 Months
Size: 15 Pounds, 13" at Shoulder , Very refined and Athletic
Personality: Silly, Smart, Spunky, Playful, Confident and Very Cuddly
Registrations: Akc, Ckc
Favorite Toys: Plushy & rope toys


Tootie Day's Family Tree ~ Coming Soon!

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