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Mercedes Day

Mercedes is an incredible looking dog and her out going confident personality matches her. She is highly intelligent, playful and really has a great wit about her. We take pride in producing such an all around well balanced dog in health, looks and disposition with any line or in breeding. Her mother is Pebbles, Daughter Clhoe Day, Granddaughter Roxi Day, Great GrandDaughter of Joey and Lucy. and her father side is great grandfather is Pepito Day. Her father was Max Day , Son Of BravelHeart Day.

About Mercedes Day

Color: Black & White
Age: 22 Months
Size: 15 Pounds, 14 " at Shoulder , Refined and Very Athletic
Personality: Silly, Smart, Spunky, Playful, Confident and Cuddly
Favorite Toys: Plushy & rope toys




Mercedes Day's Family Tree ~ Coming Soon!

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