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Cozy Day

Cozy comes from 6 generations of our incredible breeding. We are very proud of her and the fact shge is this incredible fanw color without any line breeding or inbreeding. She is highly intelligent, playful and a real charmer. Her mother is Carly, from Bella, From Annabelle, From Joey and Lacy and her grandfather is Elvis Day. Her father was not our breeding, but no less handsome.

She has yet to have a litter of her own but we recently bred her and hope we get the joy of carrying on her lines!

About Cozy Day

Color: Fawn & White
Age: 20 Months
Size: 17 Pounds, 14 " at Shoulder , Refined and Athletic
Personality: Silly, Smart, Spunky, Playful, Confident and Very Cuddly
Favorite Toys: Plushy & rope toys




Cozy Day's Family Tree ~ Coming Soon!

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