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About 18 years ago I had just gone through a not so nice divorce and found myself in a tiny Northern California one bedroom apartment that actually allowed small dogs. Moving from 5 acres ranchette, leaving my horses and farm animals behind. I restarted my life with my two children and found myself pet less for the first time in my life. I had never been a small dog person and the idea of having a yappy moody dog was not something I was not prepared to settle for. However I was forced to face the facts that either I have a small dog or no dog at all.



Alice was the beginning of Day Boston Terriers and has either changed so many peoples lives herself or her offspring has brought so much joy into countless lives that she led me to dedicating my life to making a difference, even if it was small by bringing truly healthy wonderful dogs into the world. While Alice has a overly long snout and legs, when we bred Alice to a male dog that had a shorter snout/legs we got puppies that are perfect in everyway, and after generations of selective breeding and no inbreeding we accomplished our goals and dreams of sharing our healthy Boston Terriers.




Twelve years later or so, I became We, with several other families willing to foster my dogs yet I maintained the planned goals for future breeding of Alice's, Daisy Mae, Lucy and Mya's wonderful genes.

None being inbred, None having health issues and all having the utmost best dispositions, personalities and intelligence. Alice is still frolicking about in perfect health, still delivering the fastest kissing tongue in the west and she still can't enough of her squeaky plushy toys. We retired her at 5 years old from producing puppies, but her pups and their pups and so on carried Alice's amazing gene's. Along the way we brought in other new gene pools, some we bred to Alice's line and some we started the whole process again. But regardless of what some breeders may think it is absolutely not necessary to inbreed or line breed to accomplish a a successful breeding program. It just takes A LOT more time and investment. We hope to continue breeding dogs through our breeding co-op efforts for many, many years to come.

Our modern day Boston Terrier is an amazing result from over 27 years combined with many families dedicating their lives and resources to an extensive breed program which took years of planning, education and mostly of labor of love. While some of dogs dance outside the breed standards when it comes to flat faces or show conformation, all of our dogs maintain the true original American gentleman, The Boston Terrier in heart, mind and disposition. Historical Boston Terriers were not bred with the modern day disregard of health for what's best for the dog, nor were they bred to be flat faced hyper monsters which sadly abound in the dog world.

Today's dog friendly families are much more time restricted, thereby a truly family friendly dog must be quiet in nature, playful but calm, cheerful and intelligent, easily trained and adjusts well to new environments, other people and pets and all of these traits begin with the breeding and genes of the dog. Our dogs fit that bill and have a pretty face too!

Our modern Boston in many ways represent the original Boston yet has been created from modern day disposition needs and health awareness from our long term breeding plan. That incorporates health studies and testing such "CERF, BAER and Patellar" health certifications.

Our endeavor with breeding the Boston Terrier has resulted in a more athletic dog which has increased their longevity and their ability to function better as an all around active family member. While preserving what the Boston was originally created for, the truly the ideal companion dog. We have accomplished...




1.) A slightly extended snout, a refined athletic physique, and a balanced conformation which in itself still represents a wide selection of head and body types, ranging from small lap size in stature to a somewhat French Bulldogesque while retaining the ability to breathe and be active like a normal happy dog... this has been the fruits of our labors regardless of the dogs size. For a better explanation of this go to "Boston's Explained".

2.) Our Boston Terriers can range anywhere from 11-27 lbs. the average being 16-18 lbs.

3.) A refined coat, which can come in three colors , Black & White, Brindle & White, and Seal & White, but occasionally we have fawn and white and red and white. Please follow the "Boston Explained" to view the above colors and other known combinations.

4.) Our coat textures can range between silky satin and a smooth fur, the lengths are short and the silky tends to shed less than the latter. We are striving to produce Boston's that everyone wants to snuggle up with and spend many years discovering just how amazing they really are.

5.) There is a wide variety of body types in Boston's and we try and offer them. They can range from very short and stock, tall, athletic and leggy, refined and petite and of course somewhere in the middle.

Adoption Steps

The steps to adopting one of pups is as followed.

  1. Take some time to read through our site, especially the "References" and "Preparing for a new puppy" pages and then write down any questions you might have after reading our site.
  2. Please read our puppy or adult health guarantee's.
  3. Give us a call 209 389-4277 or 209 505-9373 with additional questions.
  4. Continue to the Puppy or adult availability pages.
  5. Fill out the puppy application or adult dog application after reading the puppy or adult guarantee's.
  6. Call us again for a simple compatibility interview and check availability on specific puppies or upcoming litters.
  7. Either place a deposit to hold a puppy or schedule an appointment to come visit us.